My Winter Mantel

I was sad when I took down the Christmas lights. I love looking out the window and seeing the lights hang from the roof. I love the soft ambiance of the lights on the tree, in my kitchen and on my mantel. 

So, I decided to keep some lights on the mantel. 

DSCN0250I took down the green color cord of lights and replaced them with the with cord.

DSCN0246 I put the mirror back up and hung my sandwich bag wreath from it. That was so simple to make!

DSCN0201The jars I got from Goodwill are front and center.

DSCN0200 A glass angel and some of My Man’s jars with candles.

DSCN0248 Can you believe that pine cones like these were being sold for $4 for a bag of about 6 pine cones? I got mine for free at the lake house. I just may sell some next year! 

DSCN0066I love the look of it at night.

DSCN0076 DSCN0074 DSCN0065I already know how I’m going to change it up just a bit for February. 

Honestly, this is probably going to be all the decorating I do this month. I’m concentrating on getting things cleaned out and organized. With the weather being cold and wet it seems like a good time to do it. I sure won’t want to do it in the spring when it is warm and pretty outside! 

It’s also a good time to curl up on the couch in front of the fire and spend some extra time with the Lord. Me, my Bible and some hot chocolate! With marshmallows of course! 

Enjoying January! 


About Jayne

I am a housewife desperate to give my heart and home to the Lord. I like to share with others what the Lord has taught to me. Taking care of my family and home are my passion. I like to craft and decorate and to share the ideas I come across with others. I try to find ways to incorporate crafting and decorating with sharing my faith in Jesus.
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8 Responses to My Winter Mantel

  1. So pretty Jayne! What a neat idea with the sandwich bags! I’m going to have to try that. God bless! :)

  2. blmaluso says:

    How beautiful! Thanks for sharing…I have so many glass jars and bottles, so I will probably fill them with candles:-) The white lights give the mantle such a comforting glow.

    • Jayne says:

      Thanks! Another blogger got me hooked on the big glass jars! I had cookies in them over the holidays! I love the lights since it still gets dark early. They will stay up through February.

  3. pattisj says:

    That’s a lovely display. I would never have thought those were sandwich bags on the wreath.

  4. Beautiful Jayne…and when you light up the mantel, it is truly magical!!!

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