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I have been an empty nester for two weeks now. During the past two weeks I haven’t posted much because I have been doing a top to bottom cleaning of the house. I get in the mood to start first thing in the morning and I get so much more accomplished (I like that word) when I am in the mood to do something.

I started in the boy’s room. I spent a week in the boy’s room. It started off looking like this.


WP_20130820_002 WP_20130820_003 And that was after they “cleaned it” and had gotten rid of some stuff.

I went through the rest of the stuff. I sold all the sleeping bags and suitcases that were in the top of the closet. I put their things they wanted to keep in boxes. I threw away more stuff. I put the left over clothes in the dresser. And I repainted the closet!

The results!

WP_20130903_003Not a good picture! The closet is now Dillon’s “game room.” All that was in my living/dining room.  Which, by the way, is also clean! Guess I did two rooms that first week.

I took the bookshelf off the top of the dresser and moved the dresser to the other side of the room. I had already taken the shelving off the wall and put it into the closet, but I also took down some old desks that had been attached to the walls off. I also took some Sheetrock with them when I took them down. The drums didn’t move.

WP_20130903_002 I put a side table Will brought home from college for his future house, in between the beds and pushed the beds closer together. Now, I don’t have to lean over them to make them. I hate doing that!

WP_20130903_001 While I was doing all of that, I was also wiping the walls with a Swiffer. It’s amazing how vibrant the colors can be when a half-inch of dust is removed. I also vacuumed the carpets. I moved the beds totally out-of-the-way so I could vacuum under them. It had been a while.

Do you believe in monsters under the bed? I used to not. Now I do! I have proof!

WP_20130826_004 See!!! Monster hair all along the baseboard!

WP_20130826_005 A big ball of it!

WP_20130826_006It’s bigger than my hand!!!

It’s got to be a monster!

That or Dillon is going bald!

As I was wiping down the walls with the Swiffer, I noticed how dirty they had become. I do plan on painting them soon, but they will have to be cleaned before I paint or the paint probably won’t stick.

I still have lots to do in their room, but I really just wanted to dust and vacuum really well. I’m doing that to the whole house.

My whole house has gotten really dusty and has way too many cobwebs. I just don’t pay attention to stuff like that. At least not until the light shines just right and you can see all the dust and cobwebs. That’s why I decided to do a top to bottom cleaning.

I also plan to do some redecorating. Kind of have to when you pull Sheetrock off and make huge holes in the walls.

God has been shining His light just right on the walls of my heart and showing me some of the dust and cobwebs I have allowed to build up. Not a pretty sight. He has been gently wiping them down. At times, He has moved some of the stuff around, so He could get into the places the monsters like to live. There is also a bunch of stuff He wants me to throw away, and if I don’t, He will do it for me and that might not be a lesson that will be so easy. I should just choose to go ahead and throw it out.

I am feeling lighter, cleaner since I have allowed Jesus to do some cleaning. He still has much redecorating to do, but I can’t wait to see the end results. I know it is going to be beautiful!

Read Psalm 51:7-12

For the Home

I am totally cheating this today. I am borrowing from others to share with you. hope you enjoy the kitchen organizing ideas I found.

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