Thanksgiving Mantle and a Lesson in Giving Thanks

My memory verse for this week is Philippians 4:6. “Do not be anxious about anything, but it everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present you request to the Lord.”

My reminder of that sits right on my mantle. 

IMG_2092 I made these little blocks a couple of years ago. I just cut some fall napkins and decoupage them on. My Man cut the blocks from his scrap pile. The balls are just jute twine. 

Did you realize that the first four words in the verse, do not be anxious, are a choice? We have the choice to be anxious or not. I had never thought of that. 

Did you also realize that those same four words are a command? God is telling us to not be anxious. 

IMG_2090The star is made from sticks. Nailing them together wasn’t easy. One point is wired because the nail popped out and the wood is too hard for me to renail it. Old bottles are everywhere in our house.

IMG_20141101_181317 (1)I love candlelight.

When we are anxious, it is like being in the darkness. God gives us the light to see in the darkness. “With thanksgiving” is that light. Thank the Lord for being the creator. He ordained every day of your life. Your circumstances have not taken Him by surprise. Your problem is so small compared to how big our Lord is. He has in infinite number of ways to solve your problem. Let that be your light. 

IMG_2102These little votives were made by hot gluing sticks to glasses. I tied the jute twine around them to add a little texture and detail, but mostly to hold the sticks into place in case the hot glue doesn’t hold them. 

Our lives are held together by prayer. Without prayer I am convinced that all my sticks would have popped off and rolled the couch. We are told to “pray continually.” I think the “continually” is the bow tie in a double knot. It brings a peace that things will stay together.

IMG_20141101_181340I love the way the light shines through the cracks. 

These cracks remind me that I am weak, and when I am weak, Jesus is my strength. His strength shines through my cracks.

IMG_2097We are not quite through with this project yet. I got the idea from Donna at Funky Junk Interiors. I want to make a base from a larger log, but I had to wait for go get some firewood, which we did over the weekend. MM is going to cut a base tomorrow. More on this project later. 

I’m still a work in progress, but I am so thankful God has brought me this far and wants to take me even farther. 

IMG_2098MM cut the tops at different angles. 

Here’s a better view.

IMG_2099I got white candles today. I want to save the red ones for Christmas. 

IMG_2100I needed them to sit up taller, so I put them on this little stool. Underneath is a perfect place for the pumpkin. That’s another one of MM’s old jars. I put just a few acorns in the bottom. 

I have been showing you small parts of my mantle. Small parts of my life are what God allows me to see. But He sees the whole picture. 

IMG_2086An unlike my camera and my poor photography skills, His picture is perfect and beautiful. 

Look! We ha our first fire of the season. It was cold last weekend!

IMG_2088 Yes, I am deliberately staying out in front of the mirror. 

IMG_2103At least I tried. 😉 

“Do not be anxious about anything, but it everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present you request to the Lord.”

Until next time,                                                                                                                                                              Jayne 

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I am a housewife desperate to give my heart and home to the Lord. I like to share with others what the Lord has taught to me. Taking care of my family and home are my passion. I like to craft and decorate and to share the ideas I come across with others. I try to find ways to incorporate crafting and decorating with sharing my faith in Jesus.
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  1. pattisj says:

    Great analogies for the lovely pieces that make up your mantle. I know a squirrel or two who would like to get their paws on your decanter of acorns.

    • Jayne says:

      Thank you, Patti. I know some squirrels and deer that would love to get to them. I had to get out there and beat them to it. lol We have so many oak trees in our yard there are plenty to share.

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