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Red, White and Blue! Flowers and Flags

I am super excited today! That’s because I am starting my Red, White and Blue series. I am also going to have my first give away during this series! Let’s get started! What better place to start off the Red, … Continue reading

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My Man was working on some Adirondack chairs yesterday. I wanted to get some pictures of him cutting the boards, but he wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. His barn is kind of messy. Actually, it is really messy. Sawdust … Continue reading

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They’re Coming Up!!!

I am so excited. My flowers are finally coming up! Some of these I planted about a month ago. Some I planted about two weeks ago. LOOK!!! An African Daisy! A Sunflower! A Cosmos! I think. An I have no … Continue reading

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Lookin’ Good!!

Booger was making a mess of my container garden. He was pulling up the black weed paper I had laid down last year, shredding it to pieces.  What’s new, right? My sweet Will saw this the last time he was … Continue reading

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Awesome Every Time

Last night I looked out my kitchen window and saw this. I just had to get a picture. I have seen the moon rise before and it still takes my breath away. So do sunsets.  The details in flowers are … Continue reading

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