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I’m Finally in the Mood to Decorate for Fall

It seemed that as soon as the first of September hit, everyone was decorating for Fall. Or do you call it Autumn? Anyhoot, it was still in the 90’s, high 90’s at that, here in Georgia and did not feel … Continue reading

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New to Us Couches

A lady I have known for a while is moving.  In this move she is really scaling back. In this scaling back, she is giving some of her furniture away.  This past weekend MM, myself, Little One and her hubby and … Continue reading

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Popsicles and Redecorating

My cousin has a memory of me that she says she will never forget. I don’t remember it at all. Then again, I was probably 2 or 3 at the time and she was in college.  The story goes…It was summer … Continue reading

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Clean Memories

I grew up using Ivory soap.  My mother was very sensitive to perfumes, so Ivory was the only thing she could use.  I have never had a strong sense of smell but,  the smell of Ivory soap is one I … Continue reading

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Red,White and Blue Tables

For us, the Fourth of July means going to the lake. This has been a tradition for My Man all his life, for all my kids’ life and for all my married life, which is now more than half of … Continue reading

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