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Summer Favorites

I absolutely love Summer! It is by far my favorite season. I try to enjoy each season for what it brings, but Summer seems to offer so very much. It moves at a much slower pace. The days are longer, … Continue reading

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I Love Mason Jars!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I love Mason jars! There are so many things you can do with them beside their intended purpose of canning food in them.  For instance, Mason jars are considered fine crystal here in the … Continue reading

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Stacking Wood

“Did you get it by yourself?” “Yes. Wasn’t that hard to do.” That was a short text message between My Man and me a couple of days ago.  We were talking about the wood for the wood stove. It’s how … Continue reading

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Christmas Decorations (They Take Me Forever!)

For the Home It takes me the longest to decorate my house for Christmas. I really should start before Thanksgiving, but I like to focus on one holiday at a time. One reason it takes me so long is that … Continue reading

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9 Ways to Save at Christmas

  As slow as Christmas… We have heard that before, yet before we know it, it is Christmas time again!  I really want the focus of Christmas to be Christ. Too often the financial part of it adds so much … Continue reading

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