Star Garland

Star Garland I was supposed to have this post for you yesterday, and I do apologize! Things got              C-R-A-Z-Y around here! I got nothing done! 

I take that back. I did, but you sure can’t tell it now! 

Is anyone else like that? Please tell me there is at least one other person like that! 

I still have much to do so, I will make this quick. 

How to Make a Star Garland

Whatcha Need

  • Some straight sticks. (Mine were sucker off the bottom of my Crape Myrtles, but any will do)
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Jute twine or string
  • Scissors

Putting It All Together

Using a very precise measuring instrument, cut your sticks into pieces. 

IMG_2451 My precise measuring instrument was a popsicle stick! Cut 5 sticks for each star.

Lay the star out and play around with the sticks to get them like they need to be. 

I played for a while with mine and forgot to take pictures. 

IMG_2452 Hot glue the first 2 sticks together. 

IMG_2454 Then add sticks number 3, 

IMG_2456 4 and 5. 

I have to tell you where I got the inspiration from. Donna at Funky Junk Interiors. You have got to see her Twig Garland

For extra holding power, I tied little pieces of Jute twine at each point. 

IMG_2493 I could have sworn I got a picture of the twine. In it I was showing you that the twine can be divided into 3 smaller strings. I did that because I felt the twine was too thick as is. I know I took that picture. I took it three times ’cause it wouldn’t focus! No idea what happened to it! 

Anyhoot! Moving on!

IMG_2495 This step came about after I had hung the garland. Up until this point, we hadn’t had a fire in the wood stove. Let’s just say that hot glue doesn’t hold up very well with the heat of a wood stove blowing on it. 

The glue melted and two of the stars fell apart. To fix that I took it down and twisted a small piece of wire where the twine went, then covered it with twine. I also put some twine in the middle of the star for extra support. This step isn’t necessary if you don’t have a wood stove.

Now that we have taken care of that, let’s finish this thing!

Make several stars using the steps above. 

Using my very precise measuring instrument again, I measured the distance between the stars and tied two stars together with twine. 

IMG_2497 Repeat this step until your garland is as long as you need. 


Hang up and enjoy! 

IMG_2471 Of course you can hang it somewhere else besides the mantel.

Hopefully, I can give you a Christmas tour of my home in the next day or two. 

Until then,                                                                                                         Jayne 

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  1. Very cite and rustic looking. It looks so nice hanging on your mantle!

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