Velcro Storage Board

I am in love with this board. It is cheap! It is easy! It holds all the little things in my sewing room. It could easily be adapted to use in an office or cubical, a woodworking shop, just about anywhere!

velcro board

 So sorry about the glare. Hard to avoid when using shiny objects.

Whatcha Need


  • Frame of any size-Yard sale or thrift store have them for cheap. Paint if you want.
  • Foam board
  • Ruler and measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Velcro circles or strips
  • Small plastic containers

Putting It All Together

IMG_9227 Measure the inside of the frame for foam board size.

IMG_9229 Mark the measurements on to the foam board. Draw lines to cut. If there is glass in the frame, just trace it on the foam board.

IMG_9230Using a utility knife (which I didn’t have) cut out the measured piece. I used a long plastic ruler as a guide.

IMG_9231 Put foam board into the frame. Mine was tight enough I didn’t need to secure it.

IMG_9232 Can you read the top? It says “Gerber.” Yes, I used baby food containers. No, I don’t have a baby or even a grand baby, but a friend of mine is a grandma and she got me all the containers I wanted. We all know someone who has a baby. Just ask them to save some containers. Trust me, it won’t take long to get all you need and then some.

IMG_9233 They are the perfect size for small items. They even come in three different sizes. I think I got two different sizes.

IMG_9234 Attach 2 circles of velcro to the bottom. I used 2 to be sure it would hold up heavy items.

IMG_9236Then place the other part of the velcro on top.

IMG_9237 Push the container onto the foam board and carefully pull off leaving…

IMG_9238 two circles on the board. Keep repeating till the board is filled with little circles. I left each container on as I placed the other containers on, so I would know how to space them. Play around with this before you actually put the velcro on and can’t move them.

Here’s a tip!!! Make sure you put the same part of the velcro on the bottom of the containers. I wasn’t paying attention on a couple of them and now I have to be careful as to where I stick them on the board.

WP_20130611_003 I have buttons of all colors,

WP_20130611_005 push pins, safety pins, patch repair strips, paper clips, nails, all kinds of stuff in my containers.

WP_20130611_002 Having them on the wall and off the desk top saves me tons of room!





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