String Covered Cans

We throw away cans everyday. There are so many ways to recycle them. I’m turning these into holders for my sewing room.

sewing room 015

Gather Your Things

  • String (I found mine at Lowes, but then saw it for cheaper at Wal-Mart. I was not paid to say that.) You could also use yarn.
  • Cans (vegetable, soup, big or small)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

sewing room 004How To Create

  1. Clean the can. Using pliers, flatten down any metal that may cut you when you reach into the can. (I forgot to get a picture of this.)
  2. Allow glue gun to heat up.
  3. Apply a line about 1 inch long to the bottom of the can.

sewing room 007Do it closer to the bottom than this picture shows.

4. Put you strings onto the glue. Start wrapping it around the can, gluing ever so often. It isn’t necessary to glue it all the way around. Just keep it in place.

sewing roomDon’t worry, I didn’t burn my finger. I forgot to take a picture of that too, so I’m faking it here. haha

Keep wrapping and gluing the string to the can for the first couple of rows.

5. After the first couple of rows you can stop gluing until you get to the top.

sewing room 009Look closely at the picture above. See the gaps in the string? To take care of that I would push down on the string every 3 or so rows.

sewing room 010Long finger nails work well for this. I would wrap then push, wrap then push.

6. Once I got to the top I glued down about an inch or two of string down at a time, all around the top.

sewing room 013You don’t want to put glue all the way around because it will cool off too quickly. My glue cooled off just while I took the picture.

When you get all the way around just cut your string and glue down the end.

sewing room 016

On the third can I did I ran into a small problem.

sewing room 017

My string had a knot in it. One of two things you can do. First, you can try to get the knot out. That is what I did. Or you can cut the string, glue down the end and then start gluing the string again right where you left off. Did that make sense?

I think I am going to lay my cans on their sides and stack them. I will glue them together if I do, so they won’t separate.

sewing room 020I plan on doing several of these in different size cans.

Happy crafting!



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