Toilet Paper Tubes

I know, not the most glamorous thing to recycle, but some of these ideas are pretty cool! Some I have done, one I am in the process of doing.

It’s a long process.

One I started over a year ago and still haven’t finished.

Long story.

Some of these ideas are for the kiddos. Something for them to do and fill some of their day. Some are for you to beautify your home and use to share Jesus. No posting on how to’s today. I will post that on either the “Let’s Get Crafty” or “Let’s Get To Decorating” days, so be on the lookout. Some are self-explanatory and need no instructions.

Here is my list of favorites!

IMG_9290 Tape two together, decorate if you like, and go on an adventure outdoors with your kids using your binoculars to look for things. Great way to share God’s creation and glory!

IMG_9292 Where has this been all my life? And why didn’t I think of it? Use a tube to hold electrical cords.

IMG_9293 Another one for the kiddos. Make jewelry. Let your imagination go wild here!

IMG_9315 Wrap small presents in them. Good way to give money, instead of an envelope.

IMG_9301 This is going to be a snowflake ornament. Not quite finished yet.

IMG_9309 Use some peanut butter, string, skewers and birdseed and make a bird feeder. Another great project for the kids.

IMG_9314 Cut into 1 inch circles, decorate and make some napkin rings. Make them pretty enough and give as gifts.

IMG_9312 One of my top favorites. Fill with soil, plant a seed, when it is ready to transplant, put tube and all in the ground. The tube will decompose and become fertilizer. Saves a ton of money on those starter kits!

Here is my favorite and the one is in a long progress.

IMG_0416Faux wrought iron wall hangings. I have everything I need. I just haven’t started yet. When I do, I will be sure to post!


Hearing from you makes my day!