Getting Ready

I have heard of families doing a “No Spending Month.” They have done theirs in February, so in the spirit of things, I plan to not spend any money this February.


My Man has no idea I’m planning this. I need to break the idea to him soon, so he has time to think about it and let it sink in and decide if he wants to join. 

I do need to cover this in prayer, but I think it is something we need to do to help us get an idea of how much extra money we do spend in a month. 

So, you may be asking why I’m putting this under recycling. I’m going to recycle some things in February to help me not spend. Food, being one of them. Yes, food! 

These two things are going to help me.

WP_20131106_002 You see, MM and I are the only ones home now and I still cook for 5. It’s just habit after 15+ years. So, any leftovers are going to go into the freezer, on a special shelf just for this. 

Leftovers also include vegetables. MM and I don’t usually eat a whole can of vegetables. I’m going to freeze the leftover vegetables and use them for soups and casseroles. That’s why I love the pint size freezer bags Ziploc has. (I’m not getting paid to say that. If there were an off brand in pint size, I would buy them.) 

I also freeze the bread ends (’cause no one ever eats them) and use them for bread crumbs in recipes. 

Soups and chili are something I still make way too much of so, they will be frozen as well. They only get better over time. 

Others leftovers I plan on freezing are

  • Spaghetti (or “psaghetti” as Kathy still calls it)
  • Casseroles will be divided in half, before I cook them. 
  • Meatloaf will also be divided in half before cooking
  • Cooked, shredded chicken can be frozen for soups and casserole to go with the left over veges
  • Hamburgers, before grilling
  • Meatballs, cooked or uncooked
  • Pork Loin (because MM always has eyes bigger than his stomach when it comes to a smoked pork loin, but man! are they good.
  • Turkey (from thanksgiving, if we have any left over! Something else MM smokes and is out of this world!)
  • Milk (as it gets close to expiration date to use in coffee and recipes)

If you want to join me in the No Spending Month, be thinking of the leftovers that you freeze and tell me in the comments. I would love some new ideas! 

Happy freezing! 



Hearing from you makes my day!