Plastic Containers

I’m pretty good at following a recipe, but there are two things I can’t make very well. Potato salad and cole slaw. So, whenever we want these side dishes we simply buy them premade.

IMG_9445 We buy a lot of these. I love the containers they come in.

IMG_9447 They can come in two sizes.

The tops just flip open and I usually cut them off for easier storage.

IMG_9448 I have lots of them in my plastic container drawer.

So many ways to reuse them.

IMG_9446 For storing leftovers, of course!

IMG_9451For holding a few bottles of paint when I don’t want to bring down the whole box.

IMG_9452 You could store nail polish and nail polish stuff in them.

IMG_9449 Time out! Look at Scardy! Ain’t he cute all asleep in the swing? I just had to share that!

IMG_9453 Use them to store those Christmas candles you put out for decorations and never burn.

IMG_9455 For the millions of hair bands your daughter owns. Now, there is no excuse for her to say she can’t find any!

IMG_9456 Use one to put jewelry in when you are packing to move.

IMG_9457 Put one on your husbands dresser so he can keep his many pocketknives all together.

IMG_9458 Great for collecting shark’s teeth at the beach.

IMG_9459 Cut a slot in the top and make a bank for change.

IMG_9460 Great as a small first aid kit for day trips.

IMG_9461 They make it easy to see the color your beads are. And they stack easily so you can get lots on a shelf.

That’s my list. Tell me what you would use them for. Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Hearing from you makes my day!