Garden Containers

Here is my first, of what I hope to be many recycling projects. Each Wednesday I  feature a new one. For today, it’s ice cream buckets!

It’s summer. It’s HOT! It’s ice cream time. My Man like to buy it in the gallon bucket. Although, it’s not a whole gallon. He felt cheated when I told him that.

The containers are plastic with lids. I have been collecting them for a couple of years now, hoping to use them to hold our plentiful crop of green beans, okra, and Crowder peas that I pick from our garden. Only, we haven’t planted a garden for the past couple of years. Bummer!

I tried to get MM to do one this year, but for the past two years, our sweet neighbor, Jerry, has plowed it and we planted nothing. MM felt bad about asking him again. I couldn’t blame him.

So, guess what I did? I decided to do a container garden. I pulled out those ice cream buckets, turned them over, stuck some drain holes in them, turned them back over, put a coffee filter in them (keep the soil from draining out with the water), put some potting soil in them and planted some green bean seed.

IMG_9253 They are sitting as pretty as you please on the deck.

MM saw what I was doing and liked the idea. He saw the kiddie pool we had bought for the dog last year under the deck. Yanked that thing out, put some drain holes and dirt in it and planted some seed!

IMG_9256 We liked that so much, I went and bought another one.

I found these buckets next to MM car.

IMG_9254 They are two of them are 5 gallon buckets and the black one is just a big, leftover plant container. I planted carrots in them.

Now, every container I see, I want so I can plant more stuff. We can’t eat ice cream fast enough for me!

This is just part of our deck. I want to fill the whole thing up with plants. I want some Crowder peas or black-eyed peas.

IMG_9258 This was supposed to have been about ice cream buckets, but I couldn’t help but share the others.

This is just one of the many ways you can recycle ice cream buckets. You can use them as:

  • Easter or Halloween buckets. Decorate them for the holiday.
  • For holding scraps of material, nails or screws, crayons, craft supplies, the list goes on and on and on…
  • Paint buckets. Lighter than the bucket paint comes in and the handle is wider for a more comfortable hold on the fingers.
  • For holding cleaning or bathroom (for the dorm) supplies
  • Use them on camping trips to keep matches and other things you don’t want to get wet in the rain. Hopefully you won’t have any rain.
  • Watering buckets for outside animals.
  • Store flour or sugar in them.
  • Use them when picking vegetable in the garden. Great size for the kids!

I hope I got you to thinking of some uses. Let me know what you think of! 

Love ya,



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