The Pantry

When we built our house, there were a few things that we didn’t think through very well. The pantry is one of them. You would think that a big, open space with some shelves would do just fine, but NOOO! Mine drives me crazy.

WP_20131014_001About the only thing I really like in my pantry is the stenciling I did on the walls. It helps to pretty things up when the pantry is bare.

I really want to redo so many things in the house. Some big, like a whole room remodel, and some small, like the pantry. My Man doesn’t agree with the big projects, but he is willing to help me with small ones. I have found what I want to do, but I will show you that in a moment. First, let me show you some ideas I have come across. I will also give you a link to the site, if there is one.

I wish I had this when we put in the shelves. One thing I really don’t like about my pantry is I feel there is so much wasted space in it. This seems to utilize the space much better.

pantry measurementsThis pantry seems to have the wasted space too, but I do like the wall paper behind it. Or at least the idea of the wall paper. Something to keep the walls from looking so plain and even dirty. That’s why I stenciled on mine. They did make good use of the side walls.

background The House of Smith’s

Here is a way to put those old soda boxes to good use. Cover them with contact paper and use them to hold canned goods.

can box Or you could use a magazine holder turned on its side.

magazine The Organized Housewife

If your pantry has swinging door instead of folding doors, you could add mop holders to hold you spices.

spice holderSome people like the clear container look. A little too much money and work for me. I tend to be lazy. Still, this pantry has good use of space.

open containerHere is the pantry I want. They started off with a pantry similar to mine and made a stunning remodel that made great use of space.

my pantry The DYI Village

This is, in a sense, a major remodel, in that part of the wall does have to be removed. MM has already looked at that and is ok with it. Wheww!

See the wire shelves in their old pantry? I don’t recommend them. After a while, they bend in the middle from the weight on them. The space between the wires also makes it hard to balance cans. I do believe that is why they got rid of them.

Let’s take a closer look at the inside!

The bottom cabinets open up and have pull out drawers.

Pantry-SlidersThey are deep enough to get several cans on a shelf. Pulling them out also makes it easy to find things without having to move the stuff that is in front.

The upper cabinets are great for hiding the big stuff like ice-cream makers, and for storing paper towels, and other stuff you really don’t know where to keep them. I love the way they go all the way to the ceiling. In my pantry, and their old one, it is hard to get stuff up and down because of the wall in the way. I may need to use a step stool though.

Pantry-Upper-Cabinets The middle of the pantry has adjustable shelves (pictured below) and a place to display things (pictured above). I would probably display some of my home canned veges from my garden. Ohhh, it would be a great place to put my cookbooks, too!

Pantry middleHopefully soon we will be able to do this. When we do I will be sure to post about it and let you see it! Until then…


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  1. Karen says:

    These all look like simple home improvements.

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