Neat Ideas for the Kitchen.

I love it when My Man helps me wash the dishes. He has been doing that more now that we are empty nesters. But, I still find it funny that after almost 23 years of living in this house, he still doesn’t know where I keep some things in the kitchen.

How well is your kitchen organized? Mine is okay for me, but I have run across some really good organizing ideas for the kitchen I just may start using. Of course, I have been on Pinterest again. haha

If you like any of these ideas, just click on the name below the picture (if there is one) and it will take you to the link.

I love the ideas Kevin & Amanda have in their kitchen. They found the racks at Wal-Mart!

glass pans Kevin & Amanda

I like the visual of this, but to me it seems to waste a lot of space.

pan cabinet If I didn’t have a cabinet that was skinny and perfect for my cookie sheets and racks and cutting boards, I would do this.

pan storage Good Housekeeping

What a cute way to hang all the utensils near the stove. It would have to be attached to the wall well, or I would pull the whole thing down if I were in a hurry to grab a spoon. lol

utincil rake

I have several small, paperback cookbooks that could go in a basket like this. I love this idea because I keep my cookbook on a shelf above the fridge and this would make it both visually attractive and easier to get down. This site has tons, I mean TONS, of organizing ideas.recipe book basket A Bowl Full of Lemons

You should know by now how much I like to use Mason jars! Here is yet another way. I am going to use jelly jars for spices.  The link below is in Greek but the pictures tell the story.

mason jar spicesHappiness Crafty

I just may get MM to do this for me. I’m still thinking about it. It would be a good way to see all my spices in those jelly jars.

spice rack Woodeso.Com

Kathy wanted a good way to organize her silverware in her apartment. I’ll have to show her this when they get a house. Her daddy would do this for her if and give him that sweet smile that melts his heart every time!

silver ware drawer There are so many good ideas out there for better organizing the kitchen. Some are so simple you just have to ask “why didn’t I think of that?”

Now I have gotten myself in the mood to go clean out my spice cabinet. I just need those jelly jars.

Happy organizing!!!



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