Mod Podge Boxes

My daughter, Kathy, has just recently married. Well, back in August. Anyway, she was asking me for my help with organizing and decorating here apartment. I, of course, beamed with pride that she would want my help.

One thing she said she wanted was a way to organize the flatware. Apparently, her then fiancé had just thrown all the flatware into the drawer and it took a search to find the piece needed. It’s not hard to find a flatware organizer for the drawer. They can be found at WalMart or any yard sale. They aren’t expensive.

flatI am calling this a flatware organizer, because I really don’t know what it is called.

Long story short, Kathy found one at a yard sale for a quarter, I think. It didn’t fit the drawer in her kitchen. Bummer.

So, Kathy, this is for you. Mod Podge boxes.

Whatcha Need

  • Some sort of box
  • Some sort of paper- wrapping paper, news paper, paper bag
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush

box, bag and table runner 057I made mine for the “Pencil Drawer.”

box, bag and table runner 053I have plastic containers in there, but there are two things I don’t like about them.

1) They have built in holes and stuff sticks through them.

box, bag and table runner 0552) The basket is breaking and the holes are getting bigger.

box, bag and table runner 056How To Put It Together

Measure the box in half. I measured mine from side to side.

box, bag and table runner 047Draw a line all the way around the box.

box, bag and table runner 048Cut the box in half. I left the flap I had already opened open for easier cutting.

box, bag and table runner 049I also cut it lengthwise.

Tape the opening shut. I also taped the inside for better hold.

box, bag and table runner 051Tear or cut you paper into pieces. I forgot to get a picture but I think you can handle this without one.

Paint a small section with the Mod Podge. I started on the inside so my hands would get so messy.

box, bag and table runner 058Lay a piece of paper down and paint on top of it. Cover the bottom and the sides. Leave the pieces that need to fold over sticking up until you have covered all sides. It just makes it easier and less messy.

box, bag and table runner 059When you have covered the inside, paint small sections of the outside of the box and fold the pieces sticking up over the edge. Continue to cover the box with paper in small sections, making sure to paint the top of the paper as well.

box, bag and table runner 061Let dry completely before filling them up. If using to hold flatware, be sure flatware is dry before you store it.

box, bag and table runner 062

My drawer looks much better, don’t you think?

box, bag and table runner 063I need to make some more, but I will have to eat more CheezIts first!

Hearing from you makes my day!