Radical Changes to Make!

Today’s post is going to be somewhat long. I do apologize, but there is just so much on my heart today and I want to tell you all about it. I do hope you stick around for all of it! I think God has a great blessing for you. 

This blog is supposed to be about two things: how I decorate my house and how God is redecorating my heart. I’m here to tell you that He is up to some major redecorating. It feels more like a extreme makeover! 

It’s not an easy process. There is some major reconstruction going on. 

There is some major reconstruction we need to do on our house, so I thought I would show you both projects at the same time. 

???????????????????????????????This is our house. We completed building it 24 years ago. Just in time for the twins to be born!

As you can see, the front is two different colors. 

When we built the house, we thought we had bought top of the line siding for it. We used the LP (Louisiana Pacific) siding. What was supposed to be top of the line ended up being a big, fat dud! When it gets wet, it swells and breaks off. There was a major law suit against them and we won some money from it, but not enough to replace it all. This has led to other problems. 

???????????????????????????????Like the corner boards and the windows rotting.

You can’t see it in this picture, but there are chunks missing in the siding. When my daughter was learning to toss her baton straight up, she would get close to the house to keep the baton from going out in front of her. When it went out in front it would hit the house. A couple of times it would knock a chunk of siding off.

You should see the dents she put in the ceiling of our church gym when she practiced indoors. Not to mention the lights! 

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? This is my side bedroom window. It is about to fall out! The windows weren’t as good as they were supposed to be either. That’s a whole other story on forgiveness. 

The chapter we are studying this week is entitled “Giving Our Best.” The memory verse is Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”

Today’s lesson is on sacrificial obedience. Part of the lesson shares what author and Bible teacher Lysa TerKeurst shared about a season in her life where God challenged her to become “radically obedient.”

She said, “Obedience becomes radical when we say, ‘Yes, God, whatever You want,’ and we mean it.” (emphasis mine) 

How often have I said “Yes, God, whatever you want” like my kids tell me “Okay Mom” and I can hear their eyes roll when they say it. 

Does God ask me to do things and give up things I might not be willing to do or give up? You bet He does! Did He ask Abraham to sacrifice Issac? What makes me think He won’t ever ask me to give up something I love? 

Part of the study also wanted me to prayerfully consider whether there is something keeping me from obeying God wholeheartedly. You know, with my whole heart! Not half of my heart and and half with rolling eyes. Was there anything I need to release to Him. 

???????????????????????????????This is the north side of the house. Please excuse the mess on the porch. Some of the ugly orange paint (why in the world we pick that color is beyond me!) is now pink! The window under the porch is fine, but look at the other one. 

??????????????????????????????? We have talked about doing the other side of the house first, then this side, but I think we need to do this side first. It gets the wettest when it rains and no sun to help it dry. 

MM and I are going to do the work ourselves. Well, not by ourselves. Our boys and son in-law will help. I’m sure MM’s brother and his son will help. MM’s father will supervise. Or at least will think he is supervising. MM will be doing the cutting of the boards while the boys will put them up. MM doesn’t do heights or scaffolding. I figured if my boys like repelling and rock climbing, they won’t mind a little scaffolding. 

On my Facebook page, I posted this for you:

What does it mean to be radically obedient to God? What does it mean to love God wholeheartedly? I’m not asking you these questions in a general sense. I’m asking you these questions in a personal sense.
*What will it take for you to be radically obedient to God?
*What do you need to do to love Him with all your heart?
*Is there something in your life you need to sacrifice in order to be totally obedient to Him?
*What keeps you from being radically and wholeheartedly obedient to God? What are you so afraid of?


These are the tough questions that God had given me today. I think I am like Lysa and going through a season where God is asking me to be radically obedient and to make some radical changes. 

Just like the repairs on our house, things in my heart are going to have to be torn down, taken out and replaced completely. Then the painting and the details can be done so that the beauty  of His heart and home can be seen. 

Praying for you!



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8 Responses to Radical Changes to Make!

  1. pattisj says:

    I like that stone chimney. Nice to be able to do the work yourselves.

    • Jayne says:

      Thank you. That chimney was a labor of love for the guy who did it. I was a little upset when I came home from work that day and only the part under the porch roof was done. Then my husband told me he had laid all the rock out on the ground and put out together like a puzzle. He put the rock up and took it down 3 times before he got it like he liked it.

  2. elajuett@gmail.com says:

    Looks like a big job ahead of you.sounds like your faith is high and you will get the results you want by that along with the family support you have!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the problem with your siding….Sounds like you have a great plan to repair and replace it with the help our your sons and your faith that it will all be resolved.

    • Jayne says:

      Thank you, Shirley! We are going to try to get a lot of it done this year. Trusting the Lord to bring us the funds! I forgot to mention that is just time to replace the roof too! Not to mention the things I would just like to do. haha

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