Pumpkins, Patience and Perseverance

I was going to do a tutorial on how to make these cute pumpkins and leave it at that, 

toilet paper pumpkins

but while I was making them, the Lord totally changed my plans. 

Don’t worry, I’m still going to tell you how. Not hard at all. But the lesson I learned I never expected. I’ll tell you about it as I give direction on making them. 

Whatcha Need

  • IMG_2034Rolls of toilet paper or just the tube
  • Strips of cloth, jute twine, raffia, ribbon
  • Sticks for pumpkin vine
  • Faux leaves
  • Tape

Putting It All Together

The basic directions I’m going to show you using the cloth strips.


Insert one end of the strip into the tube. Tape it into place if you want. 

My strips of cloth are about 4 inches wide and 45 inches long. I used these for another project last year, so they were pre-cut. You can make them as wide or narrow as you want. 


Stick the other end of the strip through the other end of the tube and pull it through. 

IMG_2040Wrap it around the roll and stick it back through, repeating as far as it will go. If the end of the strip ends up on the outside, just overlap it with the next strip and keep going. If the roll is all covered, just tuck it behind a strip. 

That’s basically it. Simple enough right? 

IMG_2043I thought so too, till I started covering the tube with raffia. My strips weren’t as long and I hadn’t thought of using tape to help hold down the inside yet. Covering a tube took me longer…a lot longer than covering with the strips of cloth. I knew it would take a little longer, but not as long as it took. 

But that is when the Lord started teaching me a little something about perseverance. 

As I was wrapping, I was getting frustrated with the whole thing and almost quit. That’s when that still small voice said to me, “perseverance must finish its work.” If I am to complete this small project, I must keep going. If I can’t persevere in something small like this, how can I think I can persevere in something much larger?

So I pressed on. 

Some things I realized about persevering…

IMG_2043 (yes it’s the same picture) 

1) While persevering, things can seem to get a little out of control. Like the ends of the raffia not wanting to stay tucked, I can go a little wild while waiting on the Lord to do His work. 

2) Be patient. If you need to take a break take one. I had to stop and get some lunch. I was getting to frustrated. Don’t be afraid to ask God to give you a break. During our toughest financial times, God would allow us to have a little extra money from time to time, I think to give us a break. Look for those breaks the Lord gives and be thankful for them. 

IMG_20463) If you take on more than you are supposed to during times of perseverance, you can get anxious and your tummy feels like it is in knots. 

I had cut the twine into long strips to wrap the roll. Strips that were feet long. One strip was like 10+ feet. That was too long and kept getting tied into knots. 

4) When life does get tied into knots, you need to stop and get the knots out. Take your cares and concerns to the Lord and let Him get those knots out. 

IMG_2044 5) Tape really does help this project. Use it at the beginning of each strip to hold it in place. Use prayer and let Jesus hold you in place when the winds of life are blowing hard. 

6) This too shall pass and perseverance will finish its work making you mature and complete. I did finish wrapping them and I love the way they look. You will love the work God has done on you too, just give it time to be completed. 

toilet paper pumpkins When you are finished wrapping the roll, place a stick inside the tube to make the pumpkin vine. You can also add a leaf. 

While making this I thought about how the pumpkins were all the same size and how could I change that. Here are some things I thought of. 

  • Use a partially used roll
  • Stack one roll on top of anther to make a tall pumpkin
  • Use just the tube for a skinny pumpkin. Again you could tape 2 tubes together for a tall, skinny pumpkin. 

You can use just about anything to cover the rolls. Clothe, ribbon, tissue or wrapping paper, aluminum foil (for a shiny pumpkin), yarn. The list is endless.

God’s list of ways He works on us is also endless. I never would have thought about learning a lesson in perseverance while wrapping rolls of toilet paper, but He did. How amazing is that? 

Until later,


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