Tissue Paper Mums

Easy to make tissue paper Chrysanthemums or mums as I call them.

Whatcha Need

  • tissue paper in color of your choice
  • scissors
  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • Double sided tape (photo sticker tape found in the scrap-booking section)

Putting It All Together

Cut a strip of tissue paper about 20×2 1/2 inches

Fan fold the strip in 2 inch folds.

Cut thin “pedals” stopping about 1/2 from bottom of paper.

Fold floral wire in half.

I put double-sided tape (this is photo sticker tape) onto the uncut part of the flower and place the wire on top. This helps hold the wire in place.

Roll the paper around the wire. Keep rolling till you get to the end.

Here again I use the double-sided tape to hold the ends in place. Continue rolling the paper around the wire.

Start wrapping floral tape around the bottom part of the flower and continue down the wire.

This is a tip. Although the floral tape is sticky, it seems that most of the “sticky” gets on my fingers. I had problems with the tape raveling. So, I “painted” glue onto the tape for better hold.

Curl the pedals with scissors like you would ribbon. Be careful not to pull too hard as the tissue tears easily.

 Mix these in with Poinsettia or Sunflowers and you can make a beautiful bouquet. 

Have fun making these! 

Love ya, 


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