Pinwheels are such fun. I love to watch them whirl in the wind. I can get so dizzy from blowing them.

Here are some fun pinwheels you can make. I did these for the Fourth of July, but they can be decorated anyway you like.

Whatcha Need

  • computer paper
  • scissors
  • markers
  • new pencil with an eraser
  • bead (optional)
  • ruler

Putting It All Together

Cut the paper into a square. Mine are a 6 x 6 inches, and 5 x 5 inches.

Fold into a triangle.

Open it up and

fold it again.

Open it again and you should see  creases that make an “x”.

Cut along the creases about half way to the center. Cut all four creases.

Using the markers decorate each triangle.

Now for the tricky part.

Fold down the top left corner of the triangle to the center of the pinwheel. Do this with each triangle.

Carefully pick up the  pinwheel and stick a *straight pin through all layers.

Make sure it comes through at the center of the back of the pinwheel.

Place a bead on the pin and then insert pin through the eraser of a pencil.

Bend the pin so it won’t stick anyone.

* Tip…Use straight pins that have balls on them. I had trouble with the pin coming through the hole.

Have fun playing with them or use them as a centerpiece on your table.

Love ya,


Hearing from you makes my day!