Tissue Paper Carnations

When people see these flowers you can remind them the even Solomon in all his splendor was not dresses as one of this and how thankful that God meets all your needs.

With a wedding in  the horizon I am looking for cheap, cheap, cheap ways to decorate. I have come across some really pretty paper flowers. My camera doesn’t do justice. These carnations are a snap to make.

Whatcha Need

  • Tissue paper (any color you like)
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Marker (any color)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper binders/clips
  • Something to draw a 3 inch circle with. I used a can from my pantry.

Putting It All Togehter

Take a whole sheet of tissue paper and fold it in half, again and again until you can fit your circle on top. Trace circle.

Cut the circle out. Just after you get started put a paper binder where you have cut to help you hold it all in place.

You should get about 32 separate sheets. Use 16 per flower. Remember to use the binders to keep everything together. I didn’t the first time and it was really hard to work with. If you do the next step keep them all together before you separate them to make 2 flowers.

This next step is optional. With the binder still in place color the edge of the circle with a marker. This adds a kiss of color to your flower. Your finger will get colored, too.

Sorry this picture is so bad. It’s hard to take a picture with no hands. The camera was on the table and I had to press the button with my chin. lol Ok next step. 

Divide the stack of circles into 2 stacks of 16. Keeping the binders on each stack, punch 2 holes in the center. I used a sewing machine needle. Push the needle in far enough  to make the holes big enough for the wire to go through.

Insert each end of the wire into each hole and pull through the paper. Twist wire together.

Separating the sheets one at a time, pull the up and scrunch them towards the middle. Be careful! The paper tears easily.

After you have pulled and scrunched all pieces up, cover the wire with floral tape. Leave as is to make a bud or using your fingers, spread the flower out.

Here is the completed flower.


Now for 11 more to make a dozen. 

It did take me a couple of hours to make a dozen, but I did it at night while I watched some of my favorite shows. 

Happy flower making!

Love ya, 


Hearing from you makes my day!