Name Tags

I was wrapping my Christmas presents when I realized that I didn’t have any name tags for them. I decided to make some. These were really simple. I used the wrapping paper as inspiration for what they would look like.

Whatcha Need

  • paper/card stock
  • scissors
  • markers, colored pencils
  • hole punch
  • cookie cutters

Putting It All Together


For the above name tags I simply traced around the cookie cutter on card stock and cut out shapes, then colored. For some I used the hole punch so I could use ribbon to attach the tag to the present.

How To Make 

I traced a can on the card stock then cut it out. Next I folded the circle in half, then half again, then one more time. Using me scissors I cut off the tips, then cut small triangles on the edges. Open up and you have a snowflake. I ironed mine to make them flat.

How To Make 

I just wrote the word “snow” in bubble letters, cut it out and using a marker I edged it in blue.

I think next year I will make some more, but will make them ahead of time…like in November! haha

Love ya,


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