Monthly Shopping Lists

I can not go shopping without a list! I forget the one thing I really need if I do. Can you relate? 

I have tried those “shopping list” you can get that have the magnet on the back, but they aren’t big enough and I get tired of looking at the same design. Plus, they only give you 40 of them. Hello! there are 52 weeks in a year! 

I made these shopping lists to help me out and I wanted to share them with you. Now, I’m no graphic designer. Most of the designs were free clip art. Still, I hope you like them and find them helpful. You can find my shopping tips here and how I use my list to help me in keeping my grocery bill down. 

January Shopping list

You can print these two ways. 

1) You can print them week-by-week or 

2) You can print them out all at one time and make a packet of shopping lists. To do this, count how many weeks, say in the month of January, and print out that many. Do this for each month. 

3) Now, you can use a paper clip or binder clip or even a clipboard to get them together. You could put them in a notebook and keep your coupons in there too. (I’ve seen some people keep their coupons in a notebook using the plastic baseball card sheets to organize them. I’m not that into coupons, but hey, whatever!)

This would make a great Christmas gift for family and friends. 

To download them, click on the link below each picture. There should be a box that pops up on the bottom right for you to save or print. 



Happy Shopping!!!

Love Ya! 


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  1. Tanya says:

    Thank you, Jayne. The Shopping Lists are so cute and perfect for the way I shop.

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