Mason Ring Wreath

Isn’t this wreath the cutest?

IMG_9390 Not the best picture in the world! Still pretty darn cute!

I made it from scrape clothe and a mason lid ring. It was one of my decorations for the Fourth of July

You can hang it up anywhere.

IMG_9373 You can place it on a table with a candle in the middle.

Best part is they are so easy to make.

Whatcha Need


  • Mason lid ring
  • Scraps of cloth, or ribbon in any color you choose.
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Putting It All Together

IMG_9366Cut the strips about 8 inches long.  Width doesn’t matter, but keep it around an inch or so. You really don’t want to go wider. It will look too bulky. Don’t worry about them being perfect.

IMG_9368Tie a strip around the ring. Repeat until the ring is full or you run out of strips. That happened to me. If you want it really full, as you get to the end, push what you have already tied on the ring close together and add some more. Keep doing this until you can’t push them together anymore.

IMG_9389 And there you have it. A cute little wreath! Or candle ring.

You can also use garland and make small Christmas wreaths. Add a bow and it is as pretty as a picture!

candle cap wreath 001                                                                  Source

Have fun making these!!! I would love to see pictures. You can post them to my Facebook page.

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