Mason Ring Pumpkin

Once upon a time, there was a couple that loved to do a big garden. They grew green beans, crowder peas and okra. They tried corn once, but the wind kept blowing it over, so they said, “forget it!”

This young, energetic couple had inherited all the canning supplies needed to can whatever they grew.

As the years went by, this young, energetic couple, became not so young and energetic and stopped growing a garden every year and so their canning supplies just sat right where they were left. Oh, the pot is still used from time to time on Georgia football Saturdays, to boil peanuts, but the rest just continues to sit.

Then one day the older, less energetic lady came across an idea on Pinterest and knew she had to make use of those old rusty Mason lids that were just sitting, taking up space. She grew excited as she searched and found more ways she could put those rusty mason lids to good use.

Here is her favorite way to put those lids to good use and how to make it!

IMG_9566 Whatcha Need

  • about 20 Mason jar rings (I used the rusty ones that can’t be used for canning any more)
  • a long piece of string
  • 4-5 cinnamon sticks or a thick stick off of a tree.

IMG_9561 Putting It All Together

WP_20131003_001 You want all the lids to be facing the same direction. With the way my mind tends to wander and wonder, I thought it would be best for me to line the lids up before I strung them.

WP_20131003_002 Weave your string through the lids.

WP_20131003_003 Pick them up to get them all together. I actually did do this, but it is hard to take a picture and hold something you are taking a picture of at the same time.

WP_20131003_004 Pull the string tight to pull the lids into a circle. They will not be tight like you see on the right of the picture.

IMG_9562 Tie the string into a knot.

WP_20131003_007 Here is where you have to mess with the lids to get them into the shape you want. Just a push from the sides did it for me. And poking that one lid that didn’t want to cooperate. I do suggest you do this where you want to place the pumpkin. Picking it up only messes it up and you have to fix it again.

IMG_9566 Insert cinnamon sticks and you have a pumpkin!

WP_20131001_002 Here it is on my front porch welcoming visitors.

Have fun making yours!

Happy Fall, y’all!


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  1. Karen says:

    That is cute! I like your step by step pictures.

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