Manger Ornament

Before I even begin, I have to apologize for the photos. Not the best. My camera has dead batteries, so I used my phone. To top it off, right before I started, it started raining…hard…so it was dark. No natural lights. Bummer! Again, I’m sorry!

My kids made some of these for me when they were in preschool. I still love to put them on the tree! They are some of my favorites! 

WP_20131203_024 Best part about this ornament is that you probably have everything you need to make them at your house! That makes them free! Even if you don’t have everything, or want to go a bit more elaborate, they still aren’t very much. 

Whatcha Need


  •  A toilet paper tube
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White and another colored tissue paper
  • Yellow paper or real hay
  • Ribbon or string (for hanging on the tree)
  • White thread (to make the “neck”)
  • Hole punch
  • Brown marker

I have no idea why the paint is in the picture. 

Putting It All Together

WP_20131203_002Cut the toilet paper tube in half.

WP_20131203_003Cut one half so the tube is open.

WP_20131203_004Like so!

WP_20131203_007Color the outside of the tube brown to look like wood. 

WP_20131203_005Cut the yellow paper into strips. (I used crepe paper for this, but any will do.)

WP_20131203_009Put some glue in the middle of the tube on the inside.

WP_20131203_010Lay some of the yellow strips on top, then put some more glue on top of those strips and lay some more on top. The more strips, the softer the hay for baby Jesus!

WP_20131203_011Roll a single section of toilet paper (I didn’t list this in the materials) into a ball.

WP_20131203_014Cut some white tissue paper as wide as the toilet paper and about twice as long. I put the marker on top so you can judge the size you need. 

WP_20131203_015Fold it over the ball and wrap some string around the “neck.” Cut off any extra length.

WP_20131203_016Cut some colored tissue paper into a square. I didn’t measure. I just thought of it as a “blanket” and cut it the size I thought it should be. 

WP_20131203_017Swaddle the baby. I folded the paper just like a blanket when I swaddled my babies. Now is a great time to talk about Luke 2:6-7. “While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.” 

WP_20131203_018Glue baby Jesus onto the hay. 

My sides were too tall so I cut shorter.

WP_20131203_019I decided to use something smaller than a hole punch to make the holes for the string. Still, you need to make holes for the string.

WP_20131203_020Thread the string through the holes and tie into place. (In the material picture I had red ribbon. I decided to change it to make it look more “humble.”) 

I don’t recommend using maker to draw a face on tissue paper. It “bleeds” too much. 

Hang on your tree, right up front!


I made these with what I have on hand. Here are some changes you can make if you want.

  • Wooden balls for the heads (then you can put faces on)
  • Cloth for the blanket
  • Real hay 
  • Gold pipe cleaner for a halo

Merry Christmas!!


Hearing from you makes my day!