Glitter Jars


This is a simple and quick craft you can use any time of the year. It all depends on the color glitter you choose to use! Since the 4th of July is a week away, I chose red, silver and blue.

I also like this craft because  if I should get a compliment on the jars  it gives me an opening to share how Jesus is the light of the world and how I am to be a light. Great conversation to have with the kids if they are helping you to make these!

Whatcha Need


  •  Any kind of glass jar (drinking glass, mason jar, old pickle or jelly jar)
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic cup for mixing water and glue

Putting It All Together

I just show pictures of the red jar. I did the blue and silver jars the same way.

IMG_9325Pour a little glue and a little water into the plastic cup and stir. It really doesn’t take much of either.

IMG_9326 Paint streaks of glue up the sides of the jar. You can cover the whole inside if you want or leave the top part clear. I left it clear.

*TIP work fast because the glue dries pretty quickly.

IMG_9327 My streaks are not even. Some are taller than others. It’s all up to you.

IMG_9328 Pour glitter into the jar,

IMG_9329shake and turn the jar to coat the glue with glitter. Let dry before adding candle. Repeat for other colors.


I think they turned out quite pretty!

IMG_9334 IMG_9333 IMG_9332 I am definitely doing some more of these for Christmas! Happy gluing and glittering!!!

Love ya,


Hearing from you makes my day!