Friendship Bracelet

WP_20130725_017I first saw this on Facebook posted by Operation Christmas Child as something to make to put into a shoebox. I thought that was a wonderful idea!

Then, I thought it would be fun to have a crafting party and invite friends over to make some to put into the shoeboxes and to make another one for themselves to keep. We can take a picture of ourselves wearing the bracelet and include it in the shoebox! Sooo, plans are in the works for just that! I have other crafts in mind for that, as well, so that means more crafting parties!!!!!

Whatcha Need


  • Embroidery string, in several colors
  • Cardboard (I used a empty cake box)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Something round for tracing a circle. (I used a canning lid)
  • Clasp (optional)

Putting It All Together


Trace the circle and cut it out.

WP_20130717_023 Using a ruler, draw eight lines on the circle. They don’t have to be perfectly in the center.

WP_20130717_024 Using the pen or pencil, punch a hole in the center of the circle.

WP_20130717_027Cut a slit on each line that is about 1 inch long, or about half way from the edge of the circle to the center of the circle.

WP_20130719_003Cut 7 pieces of embroidery string 24 inches long. I used 7 different colors. You can use just one if you want.

WP_20130719_004Make sure the ends of the string are lined up, then tie a knot, leaving about 1 inch of loose string.

WP_20130719_005Slip the knotted end through the hole of the circle so it comes out the back. All that brown and white is the picture of the cake. If you want, you can tape down the knot to help you hold it in place.

WP_20130719_006 Take each string and place it in its own slit. You should have one empty slit when done.

Now for the fun part!

WP_20130725_004 Hold the circle so that the empty slit is on the bottom.



Going clockwise (to your left) count over 3 slits and remove that string from its slit.

WP_20130725_005 Place it in the original empty slit.

WP_20130725_006 Turn the circle so that the now empty slit is at the bottom.

WP_20130725_007 Count over 3 slits (clockwise again) and pull that string out.

WP_20130725_008 Put it in the empty slit at the bottom.

Again, turn the empty slit to the bottom and repeat and repeat and repeat until you have a long enough weave to make a bracelet. Be sure to pull on the weave, from the back, every once in a while to keep it tight.

WP_20130725_010 I wasn’t sure how you are supposed to tie them onto your arm, so I added clasps.

To do this, I carefully untied my knot and strung one string through the loop of the clasp. Then I tie my knot back. I did this for both ends. Next time I will add the clasp to one string after I tie the knot, but before I start crossing the strings. You can see the one string through the loop in the picture below.

WP_20130725_017 There you have it! One friendship bracelet! Now to make one for myself!

Love ya,


Hearing from you makes my day!