Fourth of July Banner

It’s only two days to the Fourth of July and I just realized I have no decorations! After some internet surfing and Pinterest, I found some inspiration. This post shows you how I made the banner. You can go here to learn how I did the fireworks and here for the pinwheels. 
I used what I had at the house for this banner. I found a couple of bows that were too squished up to use any more and some computer paper, scissors, markers and tape. That’s it.Take the staple off the back of the bow and undo the ribbon.

I used the scissors to straighten  out the ribbon, much the same way you would to curl ribbon. I just didn’t pull it across the scissors as hard.

Fold and piece of computer paper in half.

We call this a “hamburger fold” because it is fat like a hamburger bun. A long and skinny fold is a “hot dog fold”. Folding the paper makes it easy to make 2 triangles.

Mark the middle of this fold.

Draw a line from the middle mark to the corners of the paper to make a triangle. Cut on the lines. You can use the folded triangle if you want.

Decorate triangles however you want. Stars, stripes, polka dots, whatever you want!

Turn triangle upside down and tape to ribbon. Be sure to place triangles evenly across the ribbon.

Hang across a door, across the porch, on the edge of a table, wherever you want to show the red, white and blue!

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