Fall Leaves

I love fall. The cooler weather after the southern summers is a blessing! The beauty of the leaves always takes my breath away. God has created such beauty in each season and I try to enjoy each one for its uniqueness.

I found the idea for these leaves while searching for paper flower ideas for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. It is a simple project but to make several of them does take time. I spent a few hours working on the leaves themselves then let them dry over night before doing anything with them.

What You Need

  • tissue paper in assorted colors (I couldn’t find orange or brown tissue paper, but I did find napkins the right color. Worked well, just make sure you divide the layers if they are 2-ply napkins.)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • binder, clothes pin or paper clip
  • floral wire
  • wire cutters
  • glue
  • Mod Podge ®
  • paint brush

How To Do It:

I am just using the red leaf for instructions. All leaves are made the same way

I found templates on Microsoft Word using the clip-art. I printed and cut them out.

Fold a piece of tissue paper several times to make  just bigger than the template. This way you can cut out several leaves at once. Place template on top and trace.

Cut out on the line. I used a binder to help me hold the paper together. You need for the leaves to be uniform in size. Plus the binder made it easier to take the picture.

Cut the wire as long as you want it. If you want more than one vein, cut 3-4 smaller pieces of wire.

Dip the top part of the main vein in the glue. Wipe off extra as you pull it out of the bottle.

Lay one tissue leaf down and place the glue end of the wire on the leaf.

Squeeze glue lines onto the leaf where you would like smaller veins. Here’s a tip; use 2 bottles of glue, one for dipping and one for squeezing. I kept having to put the top on and off.

Lay another leaf on top of the first.

Now, if you want to stiffen the leaves and make them shiny and more realistic, paint a little Mod Podge between the leaves (to hold them together better) and paint one side of the outside. The paper tends to curl like a real leaf and you can also bend the wire to shape them.

I have started this wreath. You can make the orange flowers by following the instructions for Paper Flowers also found on this blog. I will post the yellow flowers soon. Be on the look out!

I saw a garland in a magazine that I liked but couldn’t afford. Like to make my own stuff anyway. The garland had lights, like Christmas lights, in it. I thought “why not make some leaves and attach them to some lights and make my own?’ So that is what I am doing. I have actually found “Halloween” lights, Christmas lights that are all orange or purple, that I am using.

You could also make long steams for the leaves and put them in a long neck bottle as a center piece. You could also make several of the same leaf and attach them to a tree branch and make a small, fall tree for your home. Let your inspiration lead you.

Hearing from you makes my day!