Easter Eggs to Acorns

Looking for a cute craft and fall decoration? I got a two for one for ya! 


WP_20131030_037 Aren’t they adorable? 

And they are so easy to make. The best part is you probably already have everything you need on hand. Well, you may have to go outside and get a pine cone or two. 

While I was making them I has some other ideas about these cute acorns. I’ll share those with you as we go. Ready to get started? 

Whatcha Need

  • some plastic Easter eggs. (This may take some scrounging to find them. lol)
  • paper lunch bags
  • at least 2 pine cones (if you don’t have pine trees, you could cut strips of paper)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • some round to trace (more on this later)

Putting It All Together

WP_20131030_001Cut the paper bag along the back seam and around the bottom to open it up. 

WP_20131030_003I ironed mine to get the wrinkles out. 

Really, you could use any kind of paper here. Newspaper, gift wrapping paper or even scrap material. Use your imagination and go wild! 

WP_20131030_004I used three different size eggs to make my acorns. You need to draw a circle that will give you enough paper to cover about two-thirds of the egg. (The pictures below will show you what I mean.) Find something that will give you a big enough circle and trace it. 

I used a plastic container, and a can (not shown).

WP_20131030_006Cut out you circle. 

WP_20131030_007Ok, I messed up on this egg, but that’s ok. You want to cover the “pointy” end of the egg. I covered the wrong end. Oopps! 

Anyway, center the egg on the circle.

WP_20131030_008Put a small amount of hot glue on opposite sides of the circle and

WP_20131030_009stick sides to egg.


Do the same to the other two opposite sides.

WP_20131030_012Carefully fold the paper to fit tightly to the egg and glue into place.

WP_20131030_013You may need to put some glue on the folds to help them lay flat.

WP_20131030_015When you are done it should look something like this. Don’t worry if it isn’t all smooth. It’s a homemade craft after all. 

Here is where I thought of something cool to do. For Christmas wouldn’t it be pretty to glitter the acorn? Just paint the egg with white glue, then sprinkle with glitter! You could spray paint the scales gold or silver. I’m wondering if it would be easier to paint them before tearing them from the cone. I’ll have to try it to find out.

WP_20131030_017 Now, starting at the bottom of the pine cone begin tearing off the individual scales of the pine cone. I actually had to Google the name of what you see me tearing off in the picture. 

WP_20131030_019 Get yourself a good pile of them. Some little bugs may fall out. I just…well…let’s just say they are no longer alive. 

WP_20131030_021Place a small amount of glue on the egg, then glue a scale in place.

WP_20131030_023Keep going around until you have gone all the way around. 

WP_20131030_024Looks like one of those bald monks. haha 


Make a second row, staggering the scales between the ones on the bottom row. I had to put on three layers of scales altogether. 

WP_20131030_029 At the very top, you may have some of the plastic peeking through. Just break off a piece from a scale to cover the top. 

WP_20131030_035 And you are done! Ok, the top looks like the roof to a Chinese house. Sorry, it’s just the way my imagination works.

WP_20131030_037Now find a pretty bowl to put them in. I made five acorns. I think I need to do two more to fill the bowl better.

Rule of thumb in decorating, whenever you have a group, your group should be an odd number.  

Have fun making your acorns! 


Hearing from you makes my day!