Christmas Doves

Christmas Doves

Doves are mentioned at least twice in the Bible. It was a dove that brought Noah the olive branch to prove the land was dry. The Holy Spirit descended “like a dove” and rested upon Jesus after His baptism. 

While you and your family are making these dove ornaments, use this time to talk about the Holy Spirit and the role He plays in your life everyday. 

I found instructions for this bird a couple of years ago in a magazine. I can’t remember which one. I would love to give credit where credit is due. 

These are simple to make and I have even included a free printable of 7 cut outs for you. 

Whatcha Need

  • 2-3 sheets of card stock or construction paper. White for doves or you can use another color for another bird.
  • Tissue paper to match card stock (for wings)
  • Christmas Doves download (has 7 birds ready to cut)
  • Scissors
  • Black and yellow marker
  • String (for hanging on tree)
  • Needle
  • glitter paint (optional)

Putting It All Together

WP_20131204_002Cut out the bird. Cut inside the black line to get rid of it. 

WP_20131204_004Using a yellow marker draw the outline for the beak. Do this on both sides.

WP_20131204_005Color it in. On both sides. 

WP_20131204_006Using the black marker, make a dot for the eye. On both sides. 

WP_20131204_008This step is optional. Paint one side of the bird with glitter paint. Let it dry, then paint the other side. 

WP_20131204_010While the paint is drying, cut out small rectangles of tissue paper. Mine are about 2 x 3 inches. 

WP_20131204_011Fan-fold the tissue paper rectangle.

WP_20131204_012When paint is dry, use a razor, knife or the tip of your scissors to make an opening for the wing to go through. Honestly, these should go vertically, not horizontally. My bad!

WP_20131204_016Insert the folded tissue paper and open to form the wings.

WP_20131204_018Tread a needle with the string you want to hang the bird with. Carefully, push the needle through the bird. Slide the needle off the string so that each end of the string is on either side of the bird. Tie the loose ends in a slip-knot. 

Hang on your tree and enjoy! 


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