Christmas Cards

I know someone who designed their family’s Christmas cards. He is an artist. I am not but I am crafty. For the last two years I have made our Christmas cards.

Last year’s cards had a family of snow people on it. Five to be exact. And they happen to look like us. As much as a snow person can look like a real person. On the inside it read, Merry Christmas from our family to yours. I would show you these cards but I don’t have any more.

This year’s card look like this:



Closeup of tag on front:

I didn’t leave this blank. As I addressed the envelopes I wrote the names on the tag. Made it more personal.

My artist friend just had to draw his card once then make copies of it. Mine took longer…a lot longer. But I had fun making my cards. This is something you can do as a family, even is you just draw something simple and let the kids color them. The best part will be that you spent time with your family and making memories. That’s the best present you can give your kids.

Hearing from you makes my day!