10 Things To Do On Thanksgiving

Have you heard the song  Big House by Audio Adrenaline? 

The chorus is

“It’s a big big house
with lots and lots a room
A big big table
with lots and lots of food
A big big yard
where we can play football
A big big house
Its my Fathers house”

This song always reminds me of Thanksgiving! Not that I have a big house, but I do serve lots and lots of food and we do have a big yard (7 1/2 acres) and when the cousins come, we play football! 

Well, the cousins won’t be coming this year so there won’t be any football. :(

I don’t want anyone to be bored either. What to do? I’m planning some other fun things. Here’s what I have come up with so far. 

10 Things to do

1) If the weather is pretty,  go for a walk. I’m going to take my camera and ask my daughter to take pictures. She’s a great photographer. Candied shots of everyone are always great!

2) Jenga! I’m thinking of adding a twist. I may write on some of the blocks things that the player has to do like, sing the chorus to their favorite song, run around the house, stuff like that. 

jenga 3) Have a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt. We’ll look for acorns, red leaf, pumpkin…This will take some thought! 

4) My son in-law likes to do puzzles, so I’m looking for a fall theme puzzle to put out. 

5) Thanksgiving Bingo. Just Google Thanksgiving Bingo cards for tons of downloads!

6) Since the whole family will be home (all 3 of mine are off at college) I may do a fingerprint Christmas ornament. Now, to find a mold. 

finger print ornament 7) I won’t do this Thanksgiving day, but afterwards. Bake cookies! We have our favorites we like just at Christmas. The kids can take some back to college with them. 

8) Again, not on Thanksgiving Day, but we might hang the outdoor Christmas lights. This year the Christmas season is short and I need all the help I can get! haha

9) I wonder if I can find some horseshoes? Hummm…My Man likes to play horseshoes. 

10) Bon Fire!!! We have a large pile of brush  that needs to be burned. Of course this will depend on the weather. S’mores anyone? 

We are definitely doing numbers 1 and 10 (weather permitting)! Maybe number 9. I am working with all adults here. If all else fails, they will be helping me in the kitchen. The important thing is spending time together.

That’s all I really want!

Have a fun Thanksgiving!


Hearing from you makes my day!