Doing Things Differently

The way I have been doing things has not been working. It has been getting me by, but I’m tired of just getting by. I want to do better. The only way I can do that is to do things differently.

Have you ever felt this way? Things are okay, but you know they could be much better. I want the abundant life in Christ and I just can’t seem to reach it. 

The first thing I am going to do differently is to stop doing things my way and start doing the God’s way. And what better place to begin than getting out of bed. 

There was a time I got up an hour earlier than the rest of my family to spend time with the Lord. I haven’t stopped spending time with Him, but I have stopped getting up the hour earlier. This is causing me to get a late start each day. That causes me to feel behind all day. I don’t like feeling behind. 

So, an hour earlier it is.

The next thing that is going to change is how I do my quiet time.

quiet time Honestly, I have no idea what changes I am going to make. I’m asking the Lord to show me that. I do feel like I do a lot more of the talking than I let God do. Maybe I need to be quick to listen and much slower to speak. Maybe I need to listen more (read more of His word) and pray for others more and about them less. 

Many changes to my day and the blog are hopefully going to be made this year. 

scheduleThe first change will be spending time in prayer for the blog and all of you before I begin planning for the day, week and month. This has always been my intention, but for some reason have never been consistent with it. That reason being either A.D.D. or my fly by the seat of my pants way of doing things.

Wait…flying by the seat of my pants IS A.D.D.. 

I need  a routine. I do better when I have a routine. A “To Do List” is fine, but not enough. 

Being a S.A.H.E.N. (Stay At Home Empty Nester) I have a tendency to dress more comfy.

Okay, more like a slob. Sweats, tee shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Nothing wrong with these on some days, like when I’m painting a room or out in the garden, but not everyday. 

I’m going to start dressing for success. 

selfie Not a suit or dress, but not always a tee-shirt an shorts. Or sweats in the winter.

The flip-flops stay! I love my flip-flops! 

Just not in the winter. In the winter I wear socks around the house. My feet get cold. 

By the way, how do you like my new camera! Gift from MM! Now to learn how to use it! 

I am going to take better care of myself this year. Starting today, I am going to walk 4 times a week. Even if I have to walk inside my house (bad weather) I’m going to walk. 

walking I hope to put enough miles on these shoes by the end of March to get a new pair. Only 200 more miles to go. 

Hopefully, you will be seeing a design change in the blog. I have talked MM into letting me use some of our (hopefully) little, bitty tax return to hire a web designer. Any suggestions on who I should use? 

One of the biggest changes you will see is me getting real with you. Over the past few years of blogging I have tried to be like other bloggers. Hey, it worked for them. But that’s why it worked for them. They were being themselves. 

So, no more hiding things from you. Here are a couple of things that just ain’t purdy! 

realOur deck and future patio. It’s where our above ground pool used to be. Right now it is just a muddy mess. Has been for about two years now. 

DSCN0150Having 2 boys, I was expecting a broken window at some point. They were trying to throw baseballs over our house. And it wasn’t one of the boys that broke it. It was my daughter. And this didn’t just happen. It was broken 10 years ago. Yes…you read that right. 10 years ago. And of course it is a front window. 

Just wait till you see some of the other not so purdy things I have to show you. These two are nothing. And it’s not just the house that ain’t so purdy. There is a lot about me I’m going to share. It won’t be easy, but God has some cleaning He wants to do and wants me to share it with you. 

So, here’s to different and doing things differently. I would love to hear what you think of the changes. I always love hearing from you! 


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No Resolutions For Me This Year

Happy New Year!

I have a resolution to make.

To make no resolutions!

No resolutions for me this year.

Just a list of things to do. 

I tend to stick to my lists.

For the most part anyway. 

Although, I tend to make them too long or I misjudge how long it will actually take me to complete a project and I don’t get as much done as I would like.

I love being able to scratch through an item on the list when I’m done with it.  

The scratch says, “I have conquered you!”

A little dramatic there. Sorry! 

So here is my list. 

My partial list. 

My list of what I would like to do during the winter months when I can’t work outside. 

Well, it may spill a little over into April.

Oh, the list…

Things to do in 2015 This is also just a partial list because I haven’t come across any projects I want to do…


I am excited for the New Year. I heard God tell me the other day He wants me to do things differently this year. 

Well, I didn’t actually hear Him out loud. It was that still small voice He likes to use to get our attention. 

I’m changing my quiet time routine, my daily routine. 

Wait…I don’t have a daily routine. 

I’m making a daily routine. I’m setting small, reachable goals for myself. 

Like, actually making the bed every morning. Except Sundays. Why make the bed when you will just crawl back into it a couple of hours later for a nap?

I am excited to see what God has in store for me this year! Not only what He will allow me to do around the house, but what He is going to do in my heart. He has big plans for me! 

He has big plans for you, too! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I hope to enjoy mine. 

Happy New Year!!!                                                                                                                                     Jayne


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From Our House To Yours


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Old Fashion Christmas Tree

I love Christmas trees. 

I love the old fashion Christmas trees that aren’t trimmed into a perfect triangle.

The kind where the glass balls can swing freely from the ends. 

The kind that you walk through the woods and find the perfect one and cut it down. 

The kind that is dripping with tinsel. 

Like this…

old treeIt’s hard to find trees like that anymore. 

But I did!

And right in my own yard.

Well, maybe I went into my neighbor’s yard just a foot or two. 

Old fashion Christmas treeI think I’m going to add more tinsel! I just love how much space there is for the balls to hang. 

What do you think of the tree stand? 

I have another one in the kitchen.

Old fashion Christmas treeSince it’s in the kitchen, I decided to decorate it with dried cranberries and popcorn. The garland is dried apple peel.

Old fashion Christmas treeThe boys got a tree in their room!

Old fashion Christmas treeI think I will make some more stars and add tinsel to it. Maybe some smaller stars? What do you think?

Tomorrow, I am going to cut one to go in my daughter’s room. I will have to do it early! She comes home tomorrow! I know just the thing I’m going to use for the stand! The small milk jug we used for flowers in her wedding. I’m going to use the wooden ornaments my mom gave me so many years ago and I’m going to load it up with tinsel!

I guess I love these old fashion trees because they remind me of yesteryear when things seemed simpler; when life seemed slower and Christmas felt like it would never come.

What is a special Christmas tradition you have? I’d love to hear about it! 

Until then,                                                                                                                                                    Jayne

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A Christmas Home Tour

As I decorated my home for Christmas this year, I wondered about how I could also decorate my heart. 

IMG_2417As I made my front porch look inviting and welcoming, do people see me as inviting and welcoming?

treeAs I hung lights on the tree, do people see the Light of the world in me? 

IMG_2504As I gather things for a vignette, do I take the time to gather with family and friends?

IMG_2514As I made my centerpieces, do I make Him the center of my life?

IMG_2538 As I prepared the guest rooms, did I prepare my heart?

IMG_2549As I made the stars for the tree, did I think about allowing God’s word to guide me?

IMG_2535As I thought of using soap for this, did I think about how He has washed me white as snow?

IMG_2557 As I count down the days till Christmas, am I counting down the days till His return? 

IMG_2553 As I searched for the perfect Charlie Brown tree, do I seek His kingdom and righteousness?

As I take the time to decorate my house with garland, lights candles, and ornaments, do I decorate my heart with compassion, kindness, love and joy? 

As we open presents, will I think about the greatest gift of all?


And when the season is over and I drag the tree off to die in a ditch, will I think about how the Baby who was born in a manger grew up to die on a cross for me?

I really enjoyed decorating this year and allowing God to do some decorating on me. Even though I am finished, I still tweak the decorations, just like God is consistently tweaking my heart! I’m praying you will all have the best Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas!                                                                                               Jayne 

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