These are the Things That My Man Built

My sweet husband is a Jack of all Trades. Literally. His middle name is Jack. And he is good at doing many things. God blessed him greatly as a “handy-man.” I am blessed greatly having one! 

One of his favorite things to do is to build stuff. Another is to tear stuff apart to see how it works. It’s the engineer in him. 

He has built many things for our house. 

Not to mention he also designed and built our house! Really! There were only five things we didn’t do or at least help with. Dry it in, put the sheet rock up, build the cabinets (because he had other things to work on and those were built towards the end and I was about to pop with twins), the heating and air conditioning, and laying down the carpet and linoleum. Everything else, including the chimney, he did or helped with. 

Yes, I am bragging just a bit. 

Would you like to see some of the things he has built for us? Let me take you on a tour. 

DiY Projects for the homeThis was one of the first things he built for me. It is a shadow box for my wedding bouquet. The bouquet was glued on the mirror, but fell off during a move. I have jiggled it around to get it where you can see the flowers and not the handle. 

IMG_2205He built the mantle. He built it about a year after we moved in. I really wanted a place to hang the stockings. 

IMG_2206He used molding for a lot of the detail. 

IMG_2207He also used a router to make grooves in the side panels. I just love the detail!

IMG_2210MM built this shelf/curtain rod to go over the window in our den. He actually built two. The one you see in the picture and one for a smaller window. Now, this one is in the boys’ room and the smaller one is in my sewing room. The curtain rods are hidden behind the front board. They are not in use at the moment, at least not on this one. Although looking at this picture I am quickly changing my mind. 

IMG_2200 I just love these corner shelves. 

IMG_2201 They are in our dining room. That is where they will stay because it was hard as the dickens to hang them. 

IMG_2199 This little table stood proudly on the middle step in our stairwell for several years. I just moved it to this corner in our breakfast room so I could have a place to put my blue tooth speaker. We don’t have a single radio in the house. MM got me the speaker to sync to my phone. Ya gotta love technology. 

Don’t make fun of that pitiful look plant. We had a kitten that pounced it almost to death. It is trying so hard to make a come back. 

IMG_2221How do you like this CD holder? MM built it,

IMG_2222 but I painted and stenciled it. 

IMG_2213 He built this shelf for Little One’s room many years ago. He built several small shelves that hold just one item, but they are in the closet waiting for me to fin just the right spot to put them. 

IMG_2214Little One asked him to build her a peg shelf to use in her kitchen to hold pot holders. I also asked for one to hang stuff on. My original project I had made ended up being a dud and fell apart. Now, I am in search for just the right thing. 

That’s my Little One and her husband on their wedding day. 

IMG_2211Of course MM didn’t build all of this. He did build the pulley for this. And he helped me to put it all together. As you can see, I need to reattach the cord to the plant hanger. 

IMG_2216He built this table for our bathroom last summer. You can read about it here.

IMG_2204 The shelf he built for our downstairs bath. Sorry the picture is so dark. This room is really dark. 

Now on to some bigger things. 

IMG_2219He built our breakfast room table many years ago when our little family went from four to five and our little round table just wasn’t big enough any more.

Quick funny story. I had some ladies over and one asked me if was a Shaker style table. I said yes, and shook the table. At first, MM had not stabilized the legs very well and it shook. Therefore, I had a shaker table. He has since gone back and secured the legs better. haha

0301101515aMy absolute favorite place to sit! I love my swing. This is the second one he has built for me.

new cam 179What do you think of these Adirondack chairs? They are so comfortable and sturdy! My second favorite place to sit!

bench 002He also built this bench for me. Guess what it is? Yep! My third favorite place to sit! Aww! Our cat Tater photo bombed the pic! I miss Tater!  

His next project…

mantle headboard source

Another mantle, only this time as a headboard for our bed. I am in love with this idea. He really liked it to when I showed it to him. He keeps asking me what kind of decorative molding I want and could we make the padded part where the fireplace normally would be and how? The sewing part he leaves to me. 

I also have a “Projects For My Hubby” board on Pinterest. The list is getting longer and longer! lol

I am so thankful that God gifted my husband with the talent, skill and love to build thing. I had never really thought of these as gifts from God until recently. I mean I knew it, but had not put much thought into it.  He knew I would need and love having such a husband! And my sewing and crafting skills work hand and hand with his wood working skills. He builds shelves and tables and I sew curtains and pillows all to make our house a home. 

Speaking of sewing, I have some more pillows to work on. 

Until later,                                                                                                                                                 Jayne


About Jayne

I am a housewife desperate to give my heart and home to the Lord. I like to share with others what the Lord has taught to me. Taking care of my family and home are my passion. I like to craft and decorate and to share the ideas I come across with others. I try to find ways to incorporate crafting and decorating with sharing my faith in Jesus.
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6 Responses to These are the Things That My Man Built

  1. I am lucky to have a handy husband as well. As a matter of fact, as I read your post I was having a little deja vu, because my Hubby built us a mantle, twice! Once for our old house and once for this house. Got to have a place for stockings!!! He has also built a window seat which doubles as storage for his record collection, and a set of shelves.

    • Jayne says:

      Isn’t it great having a handy hubby! Although sometimes I wish I could get the nerve to try and build something myself. The window seat sounds pretty! I want one!

  2. windleg says:

    He certainly has a wonderful gift! What a blessing he must be to your family. My hubs is not skilled with carpentry, but he is an excellent gardener and outdoorsman. He keeps us well fed year round!

  3. Jayne says:

    Gardening is a wonderful gift! Fresh vegetables! I’m assuming he also hunts. My husband likes to garden also, well at least he used to. We haven’t had one in a few years. I’m hoping he will build me a raised be garden next year. He hasn’t hunted in a few years either. Last time he did, he shot a deer with his bow (out of our upstairs bathroom window lol) but the deer ran and he never did find it!

  4. Yay to Jayne’s husband!! We are proud of you, and admire the work there. My favorites there, beside the kitchen table, were the swing and outdoor chairs. Good job to your man :)

    Fun to get a peek into your house again, Jayne.

    Jennifer Dougan

    • Jayne says:

      Thank you, Jennifer! He really does enjoy making things and he is such a perfectionist at them. Come back soon and you will get a peak at my “Fine country China.” Have a great week!

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