You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me!



in the M.O.R.N.I.N.G!

The first night that we brought our newest dog, Mae, home she ran off. :( 

I went for a walk looking for her the next morning. Some dogs were barking in the cul-de-sac, so I went to investigate, thinking…hoping, they were barking at our new puppy. 

We are not you typical neighborhood. We live on 7.42 acres. Our driveway is over 600 feet long. One next door neighbor lives on 6+ acres and the other 8+. The smallest lot in our neighborhood is maybe 3 acres. So, when I tell you I stood in the cul-de-sac looking as far back into my neighbors yards as I could to look for Mae, I was looking as far as a couple 100 yards. No puppy. :( 

I turned to head back up the road to look some more and lo and behold, there she was. I don’t know who was happier to see who. (What’s the correct grammar there?)

On the way back home another little puppy came up to me. It was so cute! Black ears and eyes, gray/white mix of long, fuzzy hair, black spots on the side. Scared to death, but friendly as could be! It followed back to the house. 

Came to find out it lives across the street, is a girl and I think her name is Honey. I call her Fuzz Bucket! She likes to come over and play. 


But at 5:30 in the morning!

And barking up a storm on my front porch! 

I crawl out of bed, grab my phone to use as a flashlight and headed outside. 

As soon as I turn on the lights, our two dogs, MoJo and Mae come to the back door. I guess they thought it is breakfast time. 

Mae and MoJo

Mae and MoJo

Now, this isn’t the first time this has happened. The first time they had our sweet Scaredy (a cat who is a big scaredy cat and 15 years old) pinned behind a piece of board on our porch. (Don’t ask.) 

I’m assuming they are barking at the cats again. 

I look at Mae, who is smacking her mouth. I noticed it is covered in foam.

Then it hit me!

The SMELL! It wasn’t a cat…

it was a skunk they were barking at! 

My husband could smell it from upstairs! 

The foam was Mae trying to get the skunk spray out of her mouth. She got it right in the face! 

A couple of days later, my husband noticed the dogs playing tug-of-war with something black. 

You have GOT to be kidding me! 

They are fighting over a dead skunk? 

Whew!!! No! 

Just this! 

 DSCN0360So very sorry to whomever used to own this shoe. 

Sometimes life does stink. Sometimes we get sprayed right in the mouth and just have to deal with it. That’s when we just have to go to God and ask Him to clean us up. He will, although sometimes we will still have to deal with the smell for a while. The smell of consequences. 

Things are smelling much better around here. We even let the dogs in last night.

Then Mae past gas! It was almost as bad as the skunk so, right back out they went! 

Until better smelly days!


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I am a housewife desperate to give my heart and home to the Lord. I like to share with others what the Lord has taught to me. Taking care of my family and home are my passion. I like to craft and decorate and to share the ideas I come across with others. I try to find ways to incorporate crafting and decorating with sharing my faith in Jesus.
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7 Responses to You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me!

  1. Ellie LaJuett says:

    That is a great story, don’t pets just make you smile!

  2. One time Honey got sprayed in the moth by a skunk and she was foaming at the mouth, too! I joked that now I knew what a rabid dog looked like! Honey got sprayed in the face many times by skunks, because she was always sniffing at the wrong end, if you know what I mean! now that she is mostly an indoor dog we haven’t had that problem in a while, thank goodness!

  3. pattisj says:

    Oh dear! I hope things smell better now. :)

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