More Yard Sale Finds

When someone compliments you  on a lamp or it’s shade, or anything that has to do with the lighting in your home, use that as an opportunity to talk about Jesus being the light of the world, and you being light to point others to Him.

We all need lights in our houses. These are some I found at yard sales. They are by far my favorite in the house.

My wrought iron lamp.

This is the base of the lamp. Eww…it needs dusting!!!

I like the swirl of the glass and how the cord goes up the middle of it in this lamp.

Think I need to change or do something to the shade so everything doesn’t look so bland. I’ll have to think on that one.

This is the cover to my front hall light. It is a light pink color. Hard to tell here.

I found this candle holder for .50 cents. I put red candles in it at Christmas. It sits on our fireplace mantle.

My all time favorite yard sale find…but I could cry…just cry!!! See the lantern on the wall?

It had a globe that was white with blue flowers on it. As I was cleaning it one day I dropped it and it shattered. I could still cry over that. It only cost me $4.00 and a new globe will be over $20…unless I can maybe find one on E-bay. haha That thought just came to me. Sorry! Still…I’ll let you know what I find.

By the way everything in this picture I found at a yard sale… I think. My Man May have found the table when he was surveying once. Can’t remember. Oh and the “flowers”…Will picked the for me when he was only 3 years old. It is really dried grass from our field. It was fall and he couldn’t find any real flowers (or weeds that flowered lol) so he got me these. I thought it was so sweet!

Tomorrow, some odd and end stuff I have found. Till then…



Hearing from you makes my day!