Ways To Decorate With Blankets


We find comfort in them. 

Linus, from Peanuts, has his security blanket.

My sweet Kathy has her “favorite blankie”. She has had it since she was a baby and took it with her even after she got married. No, she doesn’t take it everywhere with her like Linus does. 

I love to wrap up in a blanket on a cold winter’s night. 

The problem for me is what to so with the blanket when I’m finished with it. I don’t want to have to fold it up and put it back in the hutch, or the closet or wherever I store it. I have found a few solutions to my problem. 

throw-blankets-on-chair-300x300 Estates and Stables New Jersey

Pile some extra throws in a chair. That way you have enough out for everyone who may be in the room watching TV with you. 

HRHAG-nyclq-sofa-with-throw_lead HGTV

Instead of across the back of the sofa, hang it over the arm. 

blanket I throw all the pillows off while I’m sitting on the couch, so why not just spread the blanket over the seat, throw the pillows back on top and go my merry way? 

tropical family room A House Called Home

Just lay that throw right across the coffee table, put the book you’re reading on top and you’re ready to go next time! 

Yellow-Cream-Blues-Pillow-Textured-Embroidered-Blanket-Throw-Spring-Decor-www.turnstylevogue.com_1 Turnstyle Vogue

Or simply do what I normally do and put that bad boy down in an intentional messy, yet organized way.

One thing is for sure though. Make sure the color of the blanket matched the decor of your house. I bugs me to no end when My Man or the kids pull out the blanket that has the local high school’s name and mascot on it and leaves it lying around. I need to hide, better yet get rid of it!  

Here’s to comfy cool night all wrapped up in blankets!


Hearing from you makes my day!