Tissue Lamp

I have been playing around with tissue paper  the past few days. Ever since my daughter got engaged I have been looking for cheap ways to decorate for it. I found these flowers. I thought they turned out pretty well. I have left them on my breakfast room table. The vase is one of the old soda bottles my husbands collects.

This is my old lamp shade. It had dry-rotted over the years. The tears were already there. I started ripping off the ribbon at the top before I took the picture. I was going to recover it with material but didn’t have any on hand. My Man suggested decoupage method. I liked the idea so I pulled out what tissue paper I had.

I was very pleased with the results of my new lamp shade. I think I might try to find another old shade at a yard sale and do another one and try to sell it. If you are interested in one see my contact info on the right.

I put it in front of the window so you can see how the light shines through it.

The only change I would make is using a light pink instead of a hot pink. I would like to try one using 2 colors and watching them mix. I have other ideas too.





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