New “Old” Signs

I have to admit that this is not my own idea. It is simple enough that I should have thought of it. Thank goodness for others that think of the simple thing in life.

I have been wanting just the right thing to place on my wall over my bed. Nothing had hit me, yet, until I saw this. It was not just the materials that were used, but the saying as well. Perfect!

Our bedroom 2012 039 So, I gathered what I needed and made my own.

Whatcha Need

  • A board (Mine came off an old pallet. You can buy one.)
  • A printing of the saying you want to use. Pick your favorite font and the size you need for you board.
  • Pencil and pen
  • Tape
  • Sharpie (I used a black. Actually I had 2 sharpies.)
  • Hangers for the back. (I used soda tabs.)
  • Hammer and nails

Putting It All Together

I stated above I got my boards off of a pallet. The pallet had been in my yard for months and had weathered. If you like that look, go for it. I didn’t want mine that gray, so I sprayed them with bleach. That got most of the gray-blackened stuff off, but not all. That was the look I wanted. I did this outside of course! The boards on the pallets were also somewhat broken and I liked that look, too.

IMG_9243Print out the saying you want in the font and size you want.  I traced mine since I don’t have a printer in the house. I had to play around with the size. The first one was too small.

IMG_9244 To transfer the letters, flip the paper over and using a pencil, color, scribble, whatever you want to call it over the lettering with a pencil.  

IMG_9246 So you don’t get confused, I made a couple of signs. Some of the pictures you see the word “rest.” Now you will see the word “welcome.” I just didn’t want you to get confused and think I changed projects on you.

Now, flip it back over and center it on the board. Tape it down to hold in place.

IMG_9248 Trace the outline of the lettering. I used a pen for this so I could bare down harder.

IMG_9249 The wood was rough so straight lines didn’t happen. That’s ok. You can fix it later. We’re not going for perfection here.

Once you have traced a letter, check to be sure you are getting something on the wood. Don’t lift the paper all the way off, or you won’t be able to lay it right back on top. The pencil mark didn’t work this time, but I was making an indention in the wood. It worked for me.

IMG_9250 Trace the outside of the lettering. Here is where I used 2 sharpies. One sharpie was sharper then the other, so I used it for the outline.


I was just getting started.

Now, fill in the middle sections of the letter. I used the duller sharpie for this.

IMG_9252 Here are my finished results.

IMG_9278 I like this saying to remind me not to take my worries to bed with me and to just rest in the Lord. IMG_9279 I decided to make the “rest” sign on 3 boards to go above my bed. It will take up more space that way. The “welcome” is going over the front door.

Oh Yea! I nailed the soda tabs on the back to hang them. I didn’t have any picture hanger thingies, so I used what I had on hand. It works!

Hearing from you makes my day!