Profiles & Portraits

These were,of course, done years ago. They are faded and need to be redone. I love these. I would hate to lose these to a fire. They hang in my bedroom next to the window. I had them on another wall and that is why they faded like they did.

The profiles were done when they were in pre-school. I love the way they shrunk them down. If they were big they would probably be stuck in a box somewhere.

This is Will. The heads were cut out of construction paper. This was before scrap booking became popular. I will use scrap-book paper next time because it resists fading much better.

Eww…Sorry for the glare. Just noticed it. Kathy’s didn’t fade as bad. Probably won’t redo this one.

Ohhh…this one needs a redo badly!!!! Everything about it has faded! Sorry, Dillon!!

We were really struggling financially one Christmas. Land Surveying was very slow that winter, so MM had one of his workers draw this as my present. He did it for 1/3 of what he would have normally charged. To me it is priceless! Will and Kathy were in fifth grade and Dillon was in first. MM’s parents did the framing for him for free. Best present EVER!!!!!

No famous art work could ever replace these, not unless a famous artist did my kid’s portraits!

Hearing from you makes my day!