Cross-stitch as Art

Before I became a mom I did a lot of cross-stitching. I would cross-stitch every night while we watched tv. I couldn’t do it after the twins were born. NO TIME!!

I like the detailed designs. They look more like pictures to me. Hope you agree.

In my upstairs hall I have hanging this. It’s really a 3 part thingy. I only have the middle part hanging. Don’t quite know why. Need to get the other 2 framed.

One day it will look something like this…

You get the idea.

I actually did this one while on our honeymoon. All I cross-stitched was the geese. The rest was printed on the cloth.

I decided to do some to do something more towards the masculine side for my husband, so I followed the geese and did some ducks.

Then I went back to things more feminine and did these. They hang in my bathroom. There is a porcelain doll that is on the table under the pictures that looks like the lady on the bike and walking.

I thought I had more around the house, then I realized that I had given most of what I had stitched away as gifts. Cross-stitch is a gift that is always appreciated. I think I am going to start stitching again.

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  1. pattisj says:

    I stitched the Amish triptych, also, and have it hanging in the kitchen/eating area! That’s been a few years ago. :)

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