Natural Air Fresheners

God has given us so many wonderful fragrances in this world. I love the smell of the ocean, freshly cut grass and oranges. I have to admit that I don’t have a strong sense of smell, but these are a few of the fragrances I can smell.

So, with all the fragrances God has give us, why do we buy chemical ones? Beats me!

I’m not one to think about how my house smells since my sense of smell isn’t strong. But the rest of my family can enjoy the aromas, so I decided to look for natural ways to make my house smell good.

Here are some that I have found. I have not tried them all yet, so not really sure how well they work. With my bad sense of smell I might not be able to tell you anyway. lol Just click the link under the pictures and it will take you to the site and directions on how to make them.

This first one really needs no instructions. The picture tells you how to do it. Coffee beans and a vanilla candle is all you need. And something to put them in.

coffee candle Easy and cute! You could use ribbon and little decorative stuff for any season.

fall air freshenersA Natural Nester 

This blogger just let this simmer all day to make her house smell fresh.

lemon air freshener Do It Yourself Divas

The first thing I noticed in this picture were the Mason jars! I love to use Mason jars, especially since I have so many of them. This blogger gives good instructions and illustrations to go along. I’m a visual learner, so I love pictures!

mason jar fresh The Yummy Life

Yes, this picture has a picture of the picture above. Say that five times fast. But she also has a recipe for a spray air freshener.

natural room fresh Feminiya The Women’s Lounge

I think one of the best ways to keep your house smelling fresh is to just keep it clean. I am beginning to use more vinegar and baking soda to clean my house. The vinegar reeks while I’m using it, but even I can tell a difference after it is dry. My family can tell too, because they say how “clean” the house smells.

Jesus’s death on the cross was considered a “fragrant offering” to the Father. (Ephesians 5:1-2) If people notice how nice your house smells, use that as an opening to talk about His death and resurrection and your relationship with Him. Just another way to use your home as a gift to the Lord.

Love ya!



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