The Cabinets and Drawers

Not all of my kitchen is organized. I will let you see what is. lol

When I was growing up Mom didn’t organize her flat-ware drawer. Everything was just thrown in and you had to dig around to find what you needed. I figured everyone did it that way. That is until I got married and discovered a flat-ware organizer. I feel in love. Have had this one for 24 years and counting.

Ok…so everyone had one of these. I didn’t know. It’s not like I went through my friend’s parent’s flat-ware drawer.

Anyway, I expanded that idea to the utensil drawer. I found these little organizer things at a dollar store.

I keep the ones for cooking and serving in this handy pitcher by the stove.

The stove and oven are not one unit. The guy who built my cabinets installed these handy-dandy pull-outs for the pots and pans.

I liked them so much I had My Man build and install more for my mixing bowls and baking dishes.

These make it so much easier for me to find and get to things.

He also did some for my baking ingredients. I still want to find a better way to do all the spices. I’ll have to do some Googling  and think on that one .

Still, it is helpful to be able to pull out the pull-outs and find stuff.  To help me find the right spice, I write the name on the lid. That way I don’t have to pick everyone of them up to find what I’m looking for. It looks messy but it’s an organized mess. lol :)

Hearing from you makes my day!