Lace Edge Table Runner

My dinning room table is not looking so good these days. My Man and I bought it when we married, thinking we would only keep it a few years until we could afford a new one. Well, that didn’t happen. Twenty-six years later we still have it.

The sweet lady that owned it before us must have really believed in the power of spray wax, because there is so much build up on areas of the hutch that came with it and along the edges of the table and the backs of the chairs. Now, when I wipe it off, a lot of the finish is coming off with it. It also is showing a lot of glass rings. I either need to sand and refinish it or paint it. I’m opting for painting.



Until then, I had to come up with a way to cover some of the eye sores.

This is what I did!

WP_20131001_006Here is a side view.

WP_20131004_017Here is how I made it

Whatcha Need

  • 2-3 yards of material. Mine was something like material used for cross stitching. I got it for free from our church. Burlap is good too!
  • Lace
  • matching thread or fabric glue
  • scissors
  • measuring tape like carpenters use

Putting It All Together

Measure how long your table is. Cut the material that long plus however much you want to hang over the edges for the length. I made mine 12 inches wide. It’s really up to you.

WP_20130930_015The material I used just happened to by as wide as I wanted for the length of the runner.

If you want a frayed edge, decide how much you want to fray and pull the extra strings off.

WP_20130930_021I wanted about 1/4 inch of a fray and that was four strings to pull off. I did this on all four side. Sorry the picture is blurred.

If you are using a material that can’t be frayed, fold the edge to the back about 3/8 inch and iron down, then sew into place. Something like this.

Picture-252I borrowed this from Sew Like My MomThank you

Please be careful not to burn yourself when ironing. I have burnt myself doing this and it hurts. It is usually the steam that burns me.

Now you can shoot me for not having pictures for the rest of this. I know I took some, but in my eagerness to delete some pictures off my camera, I deleted these pictures as well. I am sorry, but I think you can understand my directions. If not, please leave a question in the comments.

Next, I decided how much lace to use on the end edges by simply laying the lace along the end edge and cutting it to length. The runner is 12 inches wide, so the lace is cut 12 inches.

I got smart and took some more pictures for the rest. Yea me!!

Overlap the top edge of the lace with the bottom edge of the runner so that it hangs off the edge. Sew the lace to the runner, or glue it using fabric glue.

WP_20131010_001It’s hard to see the stitches.

Here is a back view.

WP_20131010_003Now, trim the edges to make them even.

WP_20131010_002I am going to carefully singe them so they won’t fray.

There you have it. A table runner to make your table pretty.

I’ll post directions soon on how I did the chair covers. Hint: pretty much the same way.

Happy decorating!!!


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