Some Inspiring Thanksgiving Decorations

I am thankful to my sister for helping me to see my gift of improvisation. I never really thought about it before, but I can look at something and tweak it to make it my own. 

Let’s face it. I tweak it because I either don’t have or can’t afford what I see in the picture that is inspiring me. I work with what I have. 

Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks. I have the house decorated for fall, but I want to add some special touches for Thanksgiving. No idea what to do, so I started looking on…you guessed it…Pinterest. Here are some things that are inspiring me.


Now, how do I make those improvisations? 

f613a0139c3094a1d2dd1aa37b3fdce3 I like the idea of the wooden plank as the table runner. I never would have thought of mixing pumpkins with grapes. The wheat stalks are a great finishing touch along with the candles. I could use the tall grass out in our field instead of wheat. Branches could also be used. 

111174c2235383303b08fdc841985b61I have to admit that I like this one better than the first. I like the curve to it instead of the straight line. I love, love, love the apples as the candles. I’m not crazy about tall things as center pieces. They tend to block faces I want to look at. I also love that I could get some of the things from my own yard. The sweet gum balls and acorns, the greenery and red berries. That makes it much cheaper! 

0ac948e117dbab98d8e064e6656b5df6 It’s Written On The Wall

How cute would this be on a side table? The tree could just be a branch put in a vase. Just click the link above for directions on how to make the pumpkins. Great project for the kids!

4da9f2942c8f5768088e7fe005c5b0a6 Shanty 2 Chic

Another great project for the kids. It gives them something to do and they will feel appreciated when you tell others how big of a help they were with the decorations! Click the link above for the free printable.

2c16a7cec6f45ec4b304e37d9f722eaaHow perfectly simple! I think I will do this for the mantle. Hopefully we will still have some fall color on the trees. Some are just starting to change color here in the south. Fake ones could be used. 

My inspiration has kicked in! I hope yours has too! Off to gather everything! 

Happy Decorating!



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