Front Entrance

This is the hutch you see when first walk into my front door. My sister-in-law gave me the hutch.  I painted it white and the backs of the shelves yellow. I use it to store blankets and in the drawers are winter gloves and hats. It does have doors for the top cabinet part, but I like them off for now.

Starting at the top, my mother-in-law gave me the candle holder . I love the wrought iron look.

These suns are my favorite. They were made by my children in school. I should have 3 of them. Not quite sure what happened to the third one.

The weather vane came from an antique store. I have the directions pointing as they should. The top was found at a yard sale for a dime! What a treasure.

This candle holder is another yard sale find. My sister gave the dolls to me. I use to have a Raggedy Ann that was about 4 feet tall. Unfortunately she got so worn out I had no choice but to throw her away. I miss that doll!

These angels were also yard sale finds. I put them up one Christmas and never took them down. haha

This is Will’s glass cup collection. We have an aunt that collected these kinds of cups. He liked it so much he decided to start his own collection. Many came from…you guessed it, yard sales and from a local antique store.

Now that I see this picture I wish I had painted the background yellow, too. I have to admit dusting these little things is not my favorite thing to do. lol

It’s not too hard to find someone wanting to get rid of an old hutch at yard sales. They don’t have to be used for what they were originally designed for. You can easy convert it as a storage unit like I did or you can use it as a computer table or a craft table. Just use some paint to make them look new. Change the hardware if you don’t like it.

If I ever get tired of it here I can always move it to another room or repaint and decorated it with different things.  Or simply put the doors back on for a different look. The trick is not to limit yourself to what you see. Think outside the “hutch”.



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