Flag Pallet

My Man is getting tired of all the pallets I am collecting. I have good intentions for them, but they are just laying in the yard waiting for me to turn my good intentions into something.

I did turn one of my good intentions into something. A Flag Pallet for the front porch.

WP_20130606_005 Whatcha Need

  • Pallet (a friend gets mine for me. Try a grocery store)
  • Red, white and blue paint I used the small acrylic paint found in the craft section of Wal mart.
  • Paint brush
  • Star cookie cutter
  • Pencil

Putting It All Together

WP_20130605_002 My pallet had 7 boards. Most do. I eyeballed where I thought the blue should go and drew lines of the top 3 boards as a guide.

Paint the top, third, fifth and seventh boards red.

WP_20130605_003 Paint the second, fourth and sixth boards white.

WP_20130606_001 Paint the section your marked off blue. Actually, I would paint this first so it has time to dry and you can paint the white stripes and stars without having to wait.

WP_20130606_002 Use a star cookie cutter to trace the stars. I used a white colored pencil for this. Put as many stars as you like in what pattern you like. I just happened to get 13 stars. Paint them white.

Let it dry and put it where you want it. I left it where I painted it.

WP_20130606_005 If your kids help you, this is a great time to talk about US history and the Christian  principles our country was founded on.

Happy Painting!!!!

Hearing from you makes my day!