Paper Curtains

There are so many possibilities with this concept. I first saw it with just squares of colored paper, but have expanded it for each season. I think they are rather cute. Boo and I are making some for her. So simple!


  • white card stock
  • black construction paper
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • wire or string
  • beads (optional)
  • needle or hole punch

How To Make

Draw and cut out ghosts and bats. The ghost I free-handed, but the bat I Googled Halloween clip art and chose this one. Just size it, print it and cut out it out for the template.

Held up to the window. The face is showing through the paper. I traced it.

Draw the faces. I drew the faces on both sides. I used a foam marker on the bats. For the ghosts I knew I would be able to see through the white paper when the sun was shining in the window so, to line up the faces I drew a face on one side, flipped it over and while pressing it against the window I traced the face to line up with the first one. See above^. I colored in the eyes with a permanent black marker because they are “blacker” than washable ones.

Next, since I was using wire, I used a needle to punch holes at the top and bottom of each ghost and bat. You can see the hole in the picture above. To make this even easier and faster, I used my sewing machine. I could do several at one time. I didn’t even plug it in; I just turned the wheel by hand. If you use string or yarn, you will need a hole punch.

Cut the wire or string into desired lengths. Mine are about 5 inches. Look reeaal close and you can see the wire. I used very thin wire so the ghosts and bats appear to be flying. Stick the wire through the holes and twist. You can add as many ghosts and bats as you like. I did 6 on each panel.

For the top wire, I cut a piece about 10 inches long. I added beads to make a loop to hang them by. My loop is for a large rod. Or you can buy curtain rings that have clips on them and simply clip the loop.

Boo wanted to make some so these are some other shapes we are going to use to make her curtains. The neat thing about these curtains is you can use any shape. Snowflakes for winter, flowers for spring and summer. Or you can just use any colored paper that matches your decor cut into squares. I think I’m going to make some for the bathroom from contact paper used to line drawers. I think that would work better with the humidity in there. The possibilities are endless.


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